Funny thing happened..

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Funny thing happened..

...while my mom was in the hospital.

Ward has not had a drink in several days and I hardly noticed! I could not tell you how many, I haven't asked why and I really don't care.

Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks ago and since then she has had a mastectomy, a pacemaker put in and she struggles to come back from the surgeries. She was so confused that we were afraid we could not bring her home.

In all honesty we could not look in her face and tell her she was not going home so we are giving it a shot. If she can't manage we will at least know we tried.

Ward not drinking was in the background. Life is weird.

Since I turned a corner with the Beav I have very methodically made it a point to NOT create a crisis in my unusually quiet life. I have been doing this long enough to know that crisis will find me without me looking for it. I am glad I took a breather before this thing with my mom.

And I am amazed that I have apparently let go to the point where it really doesn't matter if Ward drinks or not.

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Hugs to you JT

I'm glad your serenity saw you through the storm.
Love and prayers for you and your Mom.
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**{JT}} Life has it's funny way of giving us things to focus've been much more focused on your mom that it was off Ward and the best thing is you didn't even notice it. In a sense you focus was were it should be....priority was your mom and not on what the A was up to really.....Does that make sense? Because of the situation you needed to be there for your mom and concentrate on those things at hand in dealing with her medical the past...maybe you would have been torn between the two situations as in (your mom's surgery and recovery.....and Ward's or the Beav's behavior's) and would have been spreading yourself thin and driving yourself crazy. But now you were able to leave the other behind, not feel guilty, and take care of what is at hand and priority.

Ok, not sure if I stated it well, but, I am proud of you and send you lots of hugs.......!!!!!!!!!!

I, too, have had this realization not to long ago. Don't remember if you remember me posting about that....but my SO has been not drinking to drinking less....(maybe one or two here and there) since his dad got the point that I hasn't realized the the box of beer that is usually in the refrig had disappeared and I hadn't noticed it until one day I went to put something big in the refrig that needed room and thought to myself, there's room. It was then that I realized that it was gone.....but it has sinced been back but empty now and don't really know when he drank them.....he didn't drink to the point of getting drunk...which would have been noticeable sorry to day. But I had realized that my focus hadn't been on him or his drinking was on other priority stuff! I wasn't worried about what he was doing!

Well....I hope all goes well with your mom and we both conitnue to keep our focus where it needs to be.....Don't forget to take care of you in all this also. You're such a sweety!
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Dear JT

Sounds like you have found serenity!! Now the difficult part is holding on to it while life swirls around huh?

Blessing and prayers to you while you venture through this next opportunity to practice patient and tolerance.

Love Mo
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Hugs and love. Once again, you're an inspiration to me.

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You should be proud that you're able to keep your focus right where it belongs. Awesome.

Hugs and prayers for you and Mom,
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Dosn't it feel neat when we can stay in our own skin....Knew you could do it...

Still sending love and prayers,

Aunt Daffy
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I'll be keeping you and yours in my prayers.....

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Good Luck with you and your Mom.

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JT..............that is great news! Funny how life works isn't it.

Hope your mother has a full recovery!! (((((((((to both of you))))))))

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I'm sending hugs and prayers too, JT. I know this must be really hard for you, and I am very proud of Ward for doing his part to support you through it.

Don't foget to get some rest yourself, somewhere in there.

Hugs and Love
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