Weirdest first date ever....

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Weirdest first date ever....

So I met a guy and have been talking to him on the phone, very laid back and easy to talk to. I was really excited to finally go out with him after several weeks of talking since he gave me his number at WalMart LOL.

We meet at the local Mexican restaurant. I order a beer and some shrimp tacos and we talk. Pleasant so far. Conversation in real life reveals some things I didn't know about him, like he is currently living in his van, and that he got arrested for a pot possession charge about 2 months ago. He also is fighting to regain visitation with his son, who his aunt and uncle have custody of.

We have talked for hours on the phone a couple of times and none of this was revealed.

So dinner over and he wants to go to the bar. I tell him no thanks, I really have no interest in going to the bar (our local bars are dirty, smelly redneck places and trigger me). He then asks me to drive to the freaking Holiday Inn across the street. He explains that he "got us a room there" so that I could get as drunk as I wanted. (Thanks buddy).

In earlier conversation, he had said that he knew friends of mine, a couple that I hang out with frequently. I called them and asked if we could come over, and we headed out to their house. We had a really good time, conversation was good while we were with the other couple. It was fun to be out. Around midnight, we left there.

So I drove back to his van, and all the way he was trying to talk me into going back to the hotel. Seriously.

So I arrived back home at 1am, and he has texted all day today with funny stories, pictures, and telling me what a good time he had, and would like to do it again soon.

So at least now I seem to have the skill to see red flags. Could you believe old me might have thought this loser was quite a catch.
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Could you believe old me might have thought this loser was quite a catch.


Why did he get a room, why couldn't you just party in his Van???

That's appealing.
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Oh my! Funny how none of that stuff came out during all your phone conversations. Well, not really.

Oh was a night out of the house, but yeah...I don't think he's quite the right guy for you.
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OMG. What a story.

I read it now and I think 'yeah right - ya big loser.'.

Thing is I married that same guy once! What the heck.

Good on you for handling it all do gracefully. Weird how People can turn out to be so different when we are face to face.
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haha awesome story!
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Yay for not getting drunk and going to a hotel with him!

This would have been a BLD as us young people say. (Bad Life Decision)
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Originally Posted by XXXXXXXXXX View Post
We have talked for hours on the phone a couple of times and none of this was revealed.
What DID you talk about?
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That is so crazy it's comical!
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hey, XXXXXXXXX! Was this guy wearing a pink panther sweatshirt, with sequins and rhinestones, declaring "I'll Drink to That"? LOL I think I knew him!

glad you survived the date and have a good story to tell!

Love from Lenina
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That gave me a much needed laugh! At first I thought you were going to continue seeing him. I'm glad you saw the red flags.
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So when is the second date? With all the stress around here I'm thinking we could each chip in a few bucks if you do a live webcast for us to laugh our collective butts off!
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The world is full of crazy people - I am always a bit amazed by it.
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I was just impressed that the guy confessed to his living situation so quickly. At least you learned it on the first date and didn't have it revealed much later.

As to the hotel room?? WOW, that's a good one. I can't say I've ever dated a guy who had the b*lls to do that ahead of time, LOL!
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Yeah... it's crazy how crazy we can get, too... and how great it is to realize we're not anymore!

While I was still married to AXH, I would get attracted to other men that I in my current state of recovery wouldn't even begin to consider thinking of touching with a ten-foot pole. Men who needed HELP.

Now, as someone here said, when I meet a man who needs help, I call the Coast Guard. And then I run like hell.
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