He is supposed to sign a lease on Friday

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He is supposed to sign a lease on Friday

I snooped. I saw the email. He has an appointment to sign a lease for his dodgy apartment this Friday. This will mean he gets keys that day. However, he hasn't said anything.

He's bought the ugliest bed I've ever seen and a dodgy looking washer. I said he can have the refrigerator I never wanted that he drunkenly bought on hire purchase - I detest it. He can also have the money I said I would loan him, don't fret, he will have to sign for it and it comes out of any equity he gets from the house.

He had a drunken rant the other night when I thought I heard him say he wouldn't be able to move out until "Mid sesstennder" - I didn't query any further - we no longer speak to each other.

Do you think he is stalling? Thinking I might let him stay here?

I think I know the game he is playing in that he has resisted late night/early morning drunken rants and loud drunken sing-a-longs to youtube, but I'm not sure.

The "good behaviour" and the fact he hasn't called me a [email protected]#$en' bitch for a few days has me feeling wary.
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Originally Posted by Lulu39 View Post
The "good behaviour" and the fact he hasn't called me a [email protected]#$en' bitch for a few days has me feeling wary.
Hi Lulu

My own AH is very good at this good behaviour thing when it suits him (well decreasingly good, but he still tries it). He will keep things under wraps for a day, or a few days, and then be like "But I'm doing so well". It's all part of the cunning behaviour, the manipulation, the emotional blackmail. Funnily enough I almost fell for it as recently as last night. Not that it would change my mind about loving him or leaving him, but I did feel sorry for him for a while.

Can you get a definite date from him where he guarantees he will be gone? Apologies if you've referred to this previously - my mind is a muddle these days. Otherwise it's quite possible he will keep stalling.

I understand the temptation to check email/texts/calls - I did it myself this week. Sometimes it feels like the only way we can actually get the truth, and when you are hoping that someone is going to give you peace sometimes you need the truth. Not that I'm saying it's the right thing to do - I know it's not - but I do understand.

Fingers crossed for you it will all work out in the next few days.

Adventure x
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We're hoping right along with you that he gets the apartment. Keep us posted.

From my experience, my emotions have been all over the lot, but the peace just from not living on edge wondering what awful thing he'll think up next to do is such a wonderful relief.

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