Catholic Guilt

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Originally Posted by Hypatia View Post
Alcoholics will use ANY excuse for drinking.
lets agree, that we disagree on this point

a catholic up bringing was the quote

i am not even going to go there....i have seen it with my own two eyes with a STRICT catholic upbringing.....
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Originally Posted by fourmaggie View Post
Catholic upbringing

aah gee, i dont even want to go there...i have seen alot of As in recovery deal with sin, and shame and guilt, and that is only half of why they did drink....
This made me laugh.
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Thank You all for your comments. Some of them were insightful and helped me think things through. I find that my perception of "God" has changed a great deal from my Catholic school days. My view seemed somewhat limited by the traditions and dogma. I see and feel God very differently now because of Al Anon. The God of my understanding is a loving God. I have had a great deal of love expressed to me and I am meant to share that love with others. Keeping my H in the marriage after he expresses his desire to end our contract would be cruel. It would fill me with anxiety, fear, anger as I tried to coerce and manipulate him. Releasing him from the contract is the loving thing to do. He was able to ask respectfully and not out of anger. I was able to hear it without feeling anger and bitterness. Divorcing him would be the loving thing to do for ME. I rather be healthy without him than dysfunctional with him. My God wants me to be healthy.
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