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Thelma, we share a love for mini-schnauzers! I couldn't have gotten through leaving my AH without my lovely little dog. And she has such a sense of humor - she brightens my life.

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RIP Sweet Suki
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My precious little Riley has been such a joy for me. I don't know how I ever got along without him. I adopted him back in October of last year. He's my bestest buddy now.

Ain't he just the cutest?
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suki, I love the underbite. My sam has the same...underbite a snaggle tooth and one ear that flops while the other is straight up
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Thank god for my dog trouble. She is an english mastiff that loves to cuddle. She sleeps with me evrynight. I'd rather cuddle with her than my AH. :rotfxko
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Funny! We just got a black lab puppy...named Harley! I feel like the morale has been so bad around the house since AH walked out on us and its been something positive for me and kids to focus on. Its a lot of work, but I intended it that way so I could keep busy, give love and get excercise...I am happy about this decision. We love our new family member!
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Originally Posted by lillamy View Post
Oh, a yellow lab? She will go bonkers over all that water, LTD!!!
Well, she's already bonkers, so this should be interesting!
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Ahhhh Luna is so pretty!
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Belgian Sheepdog Adictee
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First I have had dogs ALL my life. I grew up with Boxers as my parents
were breeders and showed the breed also. I have always been an animal
lover and much preferred spending my time with my dogs and horses and
sheep and cattle and hogs, rather than people.

I have been involved with several breeds over the years, fostering, rescue
and wolf dogs (where I would have to find them permanent placement in
a 'sanctuary').

There used to be a member here, (Dolly, Ann and a few others know who I
am talking about)that raised Belgian Sheepdogs, (My Avatar is one)
of which I knew very little about the breed, but at one time
thought some day I would like to have one. The lady here, had had to
rescue one of her puppies from the person she had sold her to in Michigan.
We had been talking quite a bit, and she asked me if I would like to have
her. She warned me that "Belgians are like Lay's Potato Chips, you can't
have just one." My alkie brain said 'yeah sure, not me.'

We worked things out and on April 20, 2007 I picked Shania (My Avatar) up
at the El Paso airport. The 'fun' was just about to begin, rofl On December
1, 2007 I picked up Mitch at the El Paso Airport. My Second Belgian.

All my dogs were poisoned last July by a very 'sick' neighbor (other neighbors
also) and I was able to pull two of them through. I lost Mitch to the poisoning
on July 29, 2011. It took some time to recover from that, but started to
realize that Shania was still depressed from the loss of Mitch. So started looking
at Belgian Rescue. The 'sick' neighbor, btw is doing a lot of prison
time for not only the poisonings of my dogs and other neighbors dogs,
but for endangerment of children and spousal abuse (the same night
he beat his wife up very badly and also beat his children) and has no
chance at parole until April 2038.

I have to add here, that Belgians really 'love' their own kind as they have a very
special way of playing and I do believe that is what Shania was missing as I could
see the change in her (going back to almost normal) when we went to the river
and she could play with Zeus a Malinis (a short haired Belgian used in police work
a lot) with our Sheriff's Department.

So on June 22nd, on the west side of El Paso, I met the 'transport' and picked up
Bosco and Mister Chance, roflmao There were no precautions of 'introductions'
needed when I got them 'home', lol And this last 5 weeks has been WONDERFUL.
I haven't laughed this hard since we had Mitch. Shania is thrilled to have 2 buds
that she can 'lord it over', lol and both of 'the boys' adapted so quickly it made
my head spin. You would never know that they had not lived here all their lives.

So my household now consists of:

Pacho a shepherd/husky cross who just celebrated on July 20th his 13th birthday

Shania a Belgian Sheepdog (Groendahl) long haired black that will be 7 years
old on October 24th.

Mister Chance, a Belgian Sheepdog (Malinois) short haired fawn, that celebrated
5 years on May 29th

Bosco a Belgian Sheepdog (Malinois) short haired brindle, who is about 3 1/2 to
4 years old (we are still awaiting his paperwork from original owner) according to
my vet.


Me an old lady who celebrated 67 years of life on July 1st.

I have to tell you that it is MY DOGS that have 'saved my life' and keep me going,
not as much as I would like to sometimes, lol and who give my days much laughter
and joy.

I have to tell you that Shania had already started to 'be a service dog' to me before
I got 'the boys'. If I fall, and cannot get up, and my cell phone is not in my pocket
I can say 'phone' and she will bring me the phone (cordless). She also will place
herself, if I fall so that I can use her shoulders for support to try and stand. Mister
Chance is now mimicking Shania and will do the same things as she does. Bosco
just stays by me (all the time) and licks my face. Now I have not seriously fallen
since 'the boys' have been here, but we have 'practiced' and that is how I know that
Mister Chance (eventually he will be called "Mister" only) is now copying Shania.

Mine are not just 'dogs.' Mine are FURR KIDS that are a very integral part of my


Love and hugs,
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Even though I'm not military, I tend to keep my car radio tuned to the American Forces Network radio station "The Eagle". They recently played this song and I fell in love with it. Also figured it was quite appropriate for this thread. Enjoy!

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