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Today I finally got my dream car...a 2011 Camaro SS. Barely used, still has new car smell.I've wanted this for two years, after my A left almost two months ago I decided to bite the bullet and get the car. Well I got it, and I am really sad that I shared this dream with him and he's not here to share my joy. I did not expect this feeling to crop up now. Stupid feelings.

He's still in Puerto Rico. He's miserable and wants to come back, just like I knew he would be. He has been diagnosed with esophageal varices ( I saw the medical report ). I feel very sad about it.
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I am proud of you! You go girl. I have yet to do something good for myself like that...
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Good for you for doing that for yourself.
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Blog Entries: 8 car smell! I had a camaro back in the 80's. Great car!

I'm sorry to hear about your ex's deteriorating condition. Try to keep reminding yourself of the 3C's: didn't cause it, can't control it, can't cure it.

Enjoy your new car!!
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AWESOME! I love the Camero. I am a Camero girl!

I understand your feelings though. Whenever I was going through a break up and something significant would happen in my life, I was triggered by not having them with me to share it.
I've gone through 3 huge break ups in 12 yrs so had this feeling often.
No cure, let it pass, feel the sadness and enjoy your accomplishments and smile
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It's OK to feel the sadness. Let it be, let it go, and then you will be free to enjoy your sweet new ride.

I've gone through milestones with the kids where I've felt that sadness --not because I would want AXH to be there, but because things you've dreamed about are so much better when you share them with someone who knows how much it means.
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Originally Posted by angrywife View Post
Well I got it, and I am really sad that I shared this dream with him and he's not here to share my joy.
The sadness of this really hit me. I'm so sorry about your hard time. I hope you do enjoy the new ride.
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i understand your sadness, angry. i just got offered a teaching position that i have wanted since i became a teacher, and i know that my xabf would be thrilled for me. alas, he kicked me out and we are nc, so unless a mutual friend told him, he has no idea.

enjoy your camaro. my ex-husband and i owned a '67 camaro, which i STILL think is the sexiest car even built. go find a nice curvy road and roll the windows down.
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