xabf's new love

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xabf's new love

I took my daughter and her friend to the county fair. We live in a small town, and it is a small world, but it seems the woman waiting for her kids on a ride is now dating xabf. She didn't seem to know who I was. I knew who she was, she had tried to friend me on FB and I didn't know why because I knew that my only connection to her was that he knew her. Then others told me that he was dating her. I declined her friend request.

So she is standing next to me talking to her friend. I wasn't eavesdropping on purpose, but I was right there. She told the person she was with that she asked exabf to come with her but he couldn't make it, which made me happy because I have not accidently "ran into him" since I got the restraining order.

I also heard her tell her friend that he drank a 12 pack last night and couldn't remember anything about whatever happened at the party they went to. I don't know if she knows it, but if she saw him drink a 12 pack, he probably drank 2 of them.

I also was disgusted that she thought his drinking was funny or cute.

I bit my tongue and did not say anything at all to her, and I steered clear of where she was for the rest of the evening. Nothing good would come from trying to tell her anything. I would just look crazy, which is probably what she has been told I am.

I'm sure in the beginning stages with him, maybe she thinks she is "special". LMAO.

Ugh, I'm trying not to let sadness creep up on me. He hasn't changed, I know that. He has found someone who is gonna put up with his drinking and crap for awhile. I should be glad that it isn't me.
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Lot Of Love Out There, Man.
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The more time I am away from the X, I am just amazed that I stayed as long as I did. I have wanted to shake the hand of her BF and thank him, “She is your problem now!” Like you, I know nothing good would come of it.
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You moved made the right decision. Scary for those that think they are special. No one is that special after a case of beer, or whatever their addiction of choice is. I can relate. Be thankful you are in a better place now. (I am )
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You've gotta let a mess be a mess, and only a mess can love another mess.
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Thank you.

I fought hard with thoughts that I should introduce myself and try to warn her. I wondered if she knew about my dvp. I wonder what he told her about why he is not working now. Wonder if she knows that his home just got foreclosed, I thought I should tell her about his arrests, and unsuccessful rehabs and lies.

Nope, not my place. I'm proud of myself for not going there. I wish I could sleep.
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