AW Still drinking on Antabuse

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AW Still drinking on Antabuse

My AW has been hospitalized twice within the past year for Alcoholic Hepatitis and was prescribed Antabuse (250 mg) once a day. After the first week on Antabuse, I discovered a glass that still contained some vodka in it. I knew at some point she would "test" it and when I asked her about it, she said she got very sick and vowed never to do that again. That was a couple of months ago. This past week, I discovered that she was drinking again. I am not sure how much she was able to drink, but I found a fifth of vodka she was hiding and 3/4 of it was gone. That could have been over a couple of days, but it seems she has been able to drink without a large consequence. I administer her medication every day so I know that she is still taking it. I noticed her face was flushed but that seemed to be the only symptom. I guess my first question is whether or not 250mg per day is enough? Has anyone seen cases where 250mg is simply not a large enough dose to deter drinking?
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Welcome to SR! I am an RA and I drank on Antabuse. 250mg is enough to make her feel miserable. The flushed face is a teltale sign. For me, the first "episode" was the worst. I was then able to figure out how much it took to catch a buzz, but not get too sick from the Antabuse. It is a fine line. Antabuse is not the answer though, merely a band-aid.
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I was on it before & some folks have to take 500mg. But if an alcoholic wants to drink they are going to drink. Some folks are able to drink after vomiting a few times & drink through it. It is very dangerous though as it causes your blood pressure to spike.
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