No electricity, going crazy

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No electricity, going crazy

The storm that has the northeast torn up hit Friday, very quickly. I was out in the lake with my sister and niece. After we fought to get the boat out if the water, what should have been a 20 min trip back home took 2 hours because of all the trees and power lines down. The next morning we found two giant pine trees were uprooted and crashed into my parents house. They are on vacation and took my daughter with them. My sister and her husband left for vacation saturday, I promised to deal with the mess at our parents, her house, and mine. No need to ruin anyone's plans.

No power, cooking what's left in the freezer on the grill and it's stinky hot. There is a 2 hour line to buy gas in town. Thankfully everyone is safe and I think once the trees are cut off the house we will find the damage could have been much worse.

I kept wondering how exA was but knew giving it to god meant just that. His mother called to "check on me". Before the conversation was over I realized, he had asked her to check on me. He had manipulated her to call me so that she could report back. She pretty much admitted this to me. She said that he had made himself sick worrying about me and asked her to call, as he can't because of the restraining order.

I then asked how he was doing, had anything changed. She confirmed that it was just the same, his binges continue, still no job, still paranoia and refusal to talk about any kind of treatment.

When she told me about this, she apologized for calling. Saying it out loud made her realize she had been used as a way to have contact with mr and it broke the agreement I had with her that I want to hear from her, but don't want to talk about his son or have our conversations shared with him.

So there. I'm hot, stinky, and annoyed, and there are trees on the roof. Just a vent. Hope everyone else is safe if you are in the northeast.
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Hope you're finding a way to keep cool!

Glad the mom figured out she had been used. We put so much into reacting to how the A says he feels. I really got sick of that with my brother. He snorted $65,000 up his nose in less than 6 months and called me on the phone crying about his babies and not knowing where they were. I, of course, started panicking and flew into a tizzy trying to find the kids. Until I put it all together, stopped myself, and broke all contact with him for about 2 years. Just stopped taking his calls. Thought for sure he'd be dead soon enough. He didn't die; he finally got clean. After we all cut him off completely.
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