5 Basic Human Needs & AW

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Lightbulb 5 Basic Human Needs & AW


I read something so significant recently that I have thought about it every day. Someone listed 5 basic human needs:


...and they pointed out that everyone has different levels and needs and priorities among these -- yet we all need these 5 things.

I pondered the people and activities that enhanced my needs and added to my "levels" - and then I realized how AW drained and reduced my levels, all 5 levels!. I then connected the dots as to why I have been feeling better about life since I moved into my own apartment 40 days ago.

In making decisions, which a super Codie like me can struggle with, I have been using this 5-pronged measuring stick to decide if saying yes to something will boost the satisfaction of one or more of my needs!

One thing that is beyond sweet, is FREEDOM. Freedom to think and act independently. It's priceless!


Just sharing some ESH
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The crazy part is, (and I only think this is true so take what you like): No one can take your freedom from you. Not even your AW. You can only give your freedom away.

One of the things I'm enjoying doing these days is saying "Yes!", where before I would have demurred. Random leaps of faith. It's been rewarding.
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Thank you, this is a good list!

Recovery for both the codependent and the addict is meant to reflect this list, I think.

Authentic Connection--no more lies or role-playing or dominant/submissive relationships.

Freedom-- from being controlled by a drug (for the addict) or a person (for the codependent).

Significance--self-esteem that comes from doing the right thing (for the addict) or from behaving as if you matter (for the codependent).

Survival--no longer being destroyed by a drug (for the addict) or a damaging person (for the codependent).

Enjoyment--being able to feel authentic happiness that is not an illusion created by a drug (for the addict). Believing that it is all right to have moments of happiness whether someone else is self-destructing or not (for the codependent).

Dr. Drew wrote that good mental health is not about feeling happy all the time (our culture seems to think this is the goal), but about the ability to accept reality as it is and to deal with reality as it is. It is about making healthy choices, trusting our ability to know right from wrong, and forming meaningful connections with other human beings.

There may be days, months, even years of painful unfoldings in our lives which are beyond our control. But if we deal with reality and if we stay meaningfully connected, then even in the worst of times, we will still believe in ourselves and in life.

Thanks for the list.
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