Had a bit of a day today, with the 'A' ....

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Had a bit of a day today, with the 'A' ....

Hi guys,

I've had a bit of a text-a-thon with SD's mother today. I've told her a few home truths, been quite harsh actually, not that she gets it. I'm not sure if she's been 'quacking' in the true sense of the word, but she's certainly in her own world. Do alcoholics lie so often that they believe their lies and are convinced that what they lied about actually happened? She does that all the time!! She's denied today that she's only seen her daughter 7 times since last July!!! I asked her to list all the times she's seen her, and of course she couldn't, but she accused me of manipulating the situation to make it appear that she's a bad parent!! I did then point out that if she was a good parent, why doesn't she have either of her children living with her! She accused my husband and I of not being there on SD's birthdays or having her for her birthday ... err that would be because you would never allow us to see her on her birthday, or at Christmas, claiming those special days were 'yours by right' as her mother!! She also accused us of never being at school assemblies ... err that would be because they were held in the mornings and we live and work half an hour away! And she never used to attend them anyway! She also said that we went to France for a week 4 years ago and missed a contact day (we didn't, we went midweek, Monday to Friday). Talk about clutching at straws, and talk about talking crap! She told me that she has a very strong bond with her daughter that will survive anything. I begged to differ on that one, and retained the upper hand because I am in the moral highground.

I have to say I quite enjoyed telling her what's what, probably a long time overdue, and if I rubbed a little salt into her wounds, then so be it.
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