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That is to say:

She has no boundaries whatsoever. She's a bed drinker who has lost her sanity completely.
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Sorry, late on this post but I had to share!

Originally Posted by lizatola View Post
I realized, looking back, that he is filled with self loathing, doesn't trust anybody, has an ego the size of the sun, and will justify bad behavior while making me look like the bad guy. He is one big pity party and I was always invited to join him at the table.
Yup! Yup yup yup.

Here are some recent gems:

- you're completely overreacting, what I said could not have made you this upset. You're crazy.

- I know I do (have a drinking problem). I don't care. I don't want to stop.

- (week later) I can stop any time I want. I drink because I *like* it.

- You can leave if you don't like my drinking

- Nothing gets rid of the anxious feeling in my stomach from when I first wake up, every day, so please for the love of god let me have my drink.

- I tell you what, I'll stop drinking when you stop taking birth control (right now his 'poor me' is that he's a certain age and doesn't have kids, due to his abusive behavior)

- Threatens to throw bottles and cans on the side of the freeway in retaliation against the state transportation authority, whose construction delayed his return from a weekend trip. I called that irrational, he then hangs up on me, demands an apology by text, and cancels my plane tickets for an upcoming trip. In the process he accidentally cancels his own, and so he buys them both back at a premium, because he says "(I) would have flipped OUT. FLIPPED OUT."

- "When was the last time you performed the duties of a wife?"

- After sex everyday at lunch for two weeks, he starts raging (one included telling me off in a restaurant after I got upset at something he said, he ran away from me when I left the restaurant, ran to his car which was behind some bushes, tried to jump over the bushes and didn't clear them, later tells me he is "filing papers" this week)...and tells me that if we hadn't had sex that often it would have been much, much worse.

- I'm tired of being made to feel that I have this huge internal flaw!

- You hate me! Well guess what? I don't like YOU! I don't love you and I want a divorce!

- You are not my wife! These are not my dogs! I hate you!

- Why should I worry about my health? We don't have kids!

- Pssh...what a joke. What a JOKE. (Me: "What is? This?" (topic last discussed). I meant my LIFE, but yeah, that too.

- Me: Did anything else happen?
Him: My life. My life happened.

- I have NOTHING.

- I'm just going to spend my whole next paycheck, all of it, just spend everything down to zero! Just buy myself something awesome for my birthday and be irresponsible!
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This is the last beer that I drink, until the next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While singing "I gotta be me".
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Here is my latest.....after falling down some steps and not reacting and refusing to give him his insulin "You just want me to die don't you?"
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