verbally abused by parent (again)

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verbally abused by parent (again)

so sick of this
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Can you tell us more? How are you doing?
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I know this must be painful for you, especially if it continues to happen as you continue to try to maintain a healthy relationship with your parents

Remember most of the time it's not about us ~ it's about the fears and insecurities of our parents ~ about how they handle life and their unhealthiness ~ not about US ~

NOT that it makes the hurt any less, but hopefully it will help us to know that it's NOT our fault ~ that in recovery we keep our side of the street clean and know we are doing are best. We can't fix them nor do we have to take on their issues!

Take good care of you ~

PINK HUGS my friend!
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RoundII (04-09-2012)
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im ok but my spiritual values have been affected. been focusing quite some time on my spiritual beliefs. and still nasty things happen.

well no. its beyond nasty parental abuse. even if its only verbal.

so its hard. i took it really hard actually this time. in actual fact its turned me somewhat away from my spiritual beliefs which where erstwhile productive in recovery.

sad. real sad. and of course it would seem (right or wrong) quite totally outside of my control. my dad is how he is. so i fear for the negative impact he may continue to have one me. quite possibly all his life

like many abusers he has been manipulative. he holds plenty strings (or so i see that).

im taking positive action. i do what i can to remedy my situation but its some horrible thing abusive dad

thanks mrs/mybetter
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just keep thinking and knowing that "abuse" that is directed at you, is not indicative of who you are, it's indicative of the person that is doing it. It is their feelings that they are projecting onto you.

If a person is happy and in a good mood, would they be saying things to hurt another person. No, they wouldn't. They do it, because they don't like themselves.

Hang in there
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