Told my daughter

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Told my daughter

Well, I finally did it. I told my 8 year old about her father's alcohol problems and current jail time.
He lied to her, told her he would be traveling. I told him I was going to tell her, that she deserved to know the truth, and he agreed to tell her, but of course, he never did.
She started asking questions last night, so I gently told her everything. She cried, but she said she was glad I told her. She took a warm bath and got up this morning in great spirits.
I want to thank the SR people who urged me to tell her. Of course, you were all right, as usual!
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sometimes you need to tell the kids...and that its not their fault...(gosh, i find it worse especially if the parents lie....)
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a lot of great recovery posts today!

Well done!

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Good for you and wonderful for your daughter to have a parent who isn't afraid of the truth. I have hesitated too many times in the past to tell my D's the truth bc I was afraid of AH's anger at me for "spilling" the secret. Finally I learned that my D's anxiety and my own were so so so much lessened when I just told the truth to myself first and others second...

Sorry for the ramble... good for you for telling your D the truth... Kids know when something is not right and I think the anxiety of wondering what is up is so much worse than the truth...
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Yes, it is great she knows the truth.
She will grow up knowing it was not her fault.
The truth is like the sunrise hitting a vampire, vaporizing the lie.

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