Here comes victim mode and the blame game

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Originally Posted by thislonelygirl View Post
in one ear out the other.
try not to give into his sqwauking.
i dont know if its him trying to justify his actions, him trying to post blame so he can go back to his ways or if he truly believes what he says. point being recovery from addiction isnt just the body it is with the mind. he still has a long road ahead to get his mind on straight and i hope during that road if and when he gets there you dont take it personal.
being that the addicts words are all the same for each of us....thats just validation right there that its him.
it seems they see the glass half empty and not half full no matter tge curcumstance and him buying things which i take is as a means to cope without spending it towards booze ...he is spending it elsewhere. another strange symptom of addiction as my ah when not drinking and while drinking splurged. hopefully this dui hits him hard that its his problem not yours. meaning that he caused it alone. god willing he does.
Well, this thread was started back in March of 2012, someone resurrected it. The DUI did hit him hard in some ways because he got jail time and home detention(which was more like punishment for me, LOL) and the cost but it didn't stop him from continuing to drink nor did he get help in any way after realizing he had a problem.
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thats upsetting that it wasnt enough to get him to stop or get help and that it was more of a punishment for you whereas he sits drunk and happy.
the mother in me would have the urge to drag him to a meeting. sadly it wouldnt make a difference. i hope you are finding ways to better your quality of life with or without him doing it himself
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