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I am not a super duper practicing Catholic, in fact I haven't been in church in months and months... BUT, I always liked Lent maybe just bc it was a time when the focus was to contemplate and improve ones self and well, I just have liked it.

So, one of the things I am trying to do (not just during Lent) is be more grateful for the good and focus on that as much (or close to as much) as the bad...

Anyway, in the past few weeks I've had a rollercoaster of trials its felt like first with the "friends" of mine, then my MIL, then xAH culminating in yesterdays nightmare... And through all of that I have been helped incredibly by all of you and I want to express as best I can with just words, just how much you all have meant, how much you have helped and how grateful I am for all that I receive from so many of you...

Thank you all so very much. I honestly credit the support and guidance I've found here with helping me keep my sanity these past few weeks... and on a larger scale, thank you for helping me go from a pain in the a$$ who was deeeeeeeeep in denial last year at this time to a pain in the a$$ (or feisty maybe is a better word) mom/woman/human being who is in far less denial and is trying to make a better life day by day for myself and my girls. I would not be in this place emotionally if it weren't for the support here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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