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oops, double post
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Im not a momma bear....I am a "Sasquatch", dare you to mess with my kids anymore!!!

My last straw was broke this week...Can ya tell??

Keep going sister, you'll get there!!!
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you're doing great. he is dangerous. illuminate the outside of your home. that is a very good deterrent. alert the neighbors. i agree with willy, nail that barn door shut. he is not reasonable.

is there a man you can have come and stay with you? your father? a brother? a mate?

this situation is escalating and he's out of control.

i was in a bar the other night and there was a very drunk guy. he was just out of jail the previous night. he said he went to his baby mamas home and she refused him to see their little boy. he was now in the bar, drinking heavily, saying he was going up to the house and breaking the door down. he didn't care if they arrested him. he thought it was his right. i said to him "go tomorrow, not tonight". he said no, he was going. i said "you'll get arrested and loose your rights to see your wee boy" he said he didn't care, no woman was going to keep him from his boy. i watched him stumble out the door, headed to hers. he could barely walk. that's the mindset.

stay safe.
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What helps a lot is speaking about your feelings and opinions. It's much less threatening that way.
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I know this is hard, I know as a Mama Lion you want to rip his head off, and I know you are very worried about your girls, especially D6.

Get the locks changed. Lock that 'barn entrance' from the inside, keep cell phone handy at all times (like in your pocket) and call cops if he even pulls into the driveway.

As to D6, WOW every child is different and it can be rough. If you can get a conversation going with her, you can again express to her how sad 'daddy being sick' makes you too. That he is so hard to understand right now. That he says things he doesn't mean, and that it will get better once daddy starts taking care of himself.

I personally think she is very smart and will understand a simple explanation of what an Alcoholic is and how daddy cannot drink but does and that is what is making him sick.

Also check your library and on line. I know there are some books out for her age that 'explain' why daddy or mommy is the way they are because of 'addiction' and/or 'alcohol'.

In the meantime, know that as much as possible we are walking with you in spirit.

Also, REMEMBER, you have COME A LONG WAY FROM A YEAR AGO. Anytime you stop believing that, go back and read some of your old posts, lol and you won't doubt for long.

Sending good thoughts and prayers for you and the girls, and yes for your AH also. May HP watch over ALL of you.

Love and hugs,
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