Happy Valentine's Day!

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Thumbs up Happy Valentine's Day!

If you're a fellow American, you are also being assaulted with pink hearts and roses today. I'm feeling a little bitter and resentful today (for mostly no reason) AAAAAAND I don't want to sink a bunch of anxiety or expectations into my RAH, but I do want a little love talk in my day today. So:

I LOVE my kids. They're so damned cute and I love seeing them play together, even though one is 12 and the other is only 6 months old. My DS12 is so nurturing and sweet with the baby that it makes me a little heartsick. I love it so much.

What do you love? What are you grateful for today?

(Valentine's Day sucks.)
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Lol...It's only 14h00 here and I'm nearing chocolate overload already. My V day always involves cards, to my mother, my father and my daughter, usually put on the breakfast table along with a little sweet treat. I also made double-chocolate waffles for everyone.

As for what I love...i LOVE my headstrong and funny little girl, I adore my awesomely supportive parents...and yes, I do have a sweety this year, but our V day will consist of ordering in chinese food and eating waffles. Nothing fancy.
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You know, I am the worst with Valentine's Day. I got my RAH something two weeks ago (he opened it when it came in the mail on accident), and I got something small for my son and gave him a nice card.

I told my RAH that I wanted flowers, and that with the hell he's put me through on V-Days past, I'd better get 'em. MAKE IT RAIN, PAL.
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I'm grateful for my family, especially for two members that are no longer active in their addiction and for a new grandchild on the way. I'm also grateful for the greater sense of awareness I have about my own recovery; and how with time I continue to grow & learn how to take better care of myself and face the challenges in my life more gracefully.

Like many others I can sometimes get swept up in the holiday stuff- the expectations of what society 'says' this day should be about.

My hubby & usually exchange cards and go out for a special meal but we usually do that at our own convenience- not on the actual holiday. Since I'm not feeling well today we will probably go out for breakfast on the weekend and then go for a long drive along the coastline.

So for what's left of this day I'm celebrating in my own way.
I just went to the drs' office & then to the pharmacy for a new rx and where I bought myself some Valentine candy:

a dark chocolate 'chili' flavor candy bar that I will share with mr cmc and
a bag of twizzlers that I may not share with mr cmc (if he's lucky there will be some left when he gets home)

Nothing very special for dinner tonight, just whatever my hubby throws together here at home- probably alot of farm-fresh veggies with brown rice and a slice of red velvet cake that he's bringing home from work.

Oh...and one more thing: I just had a very long chat with my unofficially adopted son who's now living in New Jersey. He lived with us off & on during my boys' highschool years and continues to be part of our family. His call really made my day extra special because it's been awhile since we talked.

I wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day.

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I really want to say Valentine's Day SUCKS, big-time.... but I can't. *sigh*. It kind of does for me, but most definitely does NOT for DS, so I'll borrow some of his joy.

I'm grateful for my beautiful, amazing, sweet little boy, who is really not so little any more. I'm grateful that he loves being outside, skiing, skating, gardening, being active. (He told me today he wants to go camping now, and not wait for summer. So it looks like I'll be scrounging for snow camping gear for future winter campouts.)

I'm grateful for my family and close friends, without whom, I probably would not be here to talk with you today. I'm grateful for the school that DS attends, because they're like a huge family, and the curriculum nurtures artistic expression and a sense of community.

I'm grateful that I live in such a gorgeous state. OMG, you would not believe how beautiful the mountains are today. Yesterday there was quite a bit of rock showing, but today they're mostly sparkly, glittery white again. Pale blue skies and sunshine.

I got DS and I new (to us) skates for Valentine's presents last night. Today, on my lunch break, I'll be putting the finishing touches on my card for DS, then a glorious dinner with him and my sister and her family. (I have no idea what it will be, but whatever they cook is always DE - li - cious.)

CMC - there's a store here that's called the Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge (think coffee shop, but with chocolate, ). It sells the most amazing spicy sipping cocoa, like a spicy chocolate bar melted just enough to drink. mmmmmm, maybe DS and I will stop there for a treat on the way home.
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This is a sad day for me (and many others, I suspect.) I remember our first Valentine's day together, the small gifts we gave one another, the joy at just being together. That has all changed over the years. I was at the market today and one of the stores had a table set up to wrap customers valentine gifts in heart paper. I did buy a small gift for my A. When I gave it to him his reaction was ¨Oh, is this valentine's day?¨ NO thank you, no any other reaction. But that's OK. I had no expectations. The small gift I gave him was something I wanted to do for him for me. If that makes any sense. Anyway, I hope this has been a happy day for the rest of you.
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I'm grateful that I survived a marriage that turned into a nightmare, and that I managed to get out of it with only emotional scars.

I am grateful that my new life is calm and utterly free of drama. I love my gray, boring, everyday life of fishsticks and fried rice dinners and hot tea and snuggling with the kids in front of yet another animated movie with dialog written for elementary school children.

I'm grateful that not only do I have my wonderfully wild and wooly children starting to turn in the right direction -- I also have a new man in my life who sent me the most amazing roses today. I've never gotten flowers on Valentine's day before. Ever. Twenty years of marriage, and never once.

And I'm grateful that someone told me AXH had sent his new girlfriend flowers today, too. Somehow, it gives me hope that he might be trying to do things right this time around.
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