My son.

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My son.

He is 20 and has been drinking for 5 years.Now it has progressed to the stage
that his binges are closer and closer together.This one is the longest-over a month.I was buying him alcohol-just so he could get a break from drinking
hand sanitizer.I have stopped now as it seems to not help anyways.My
son is in hospital now-was found passed out in a washroom with hand sanitizer.He is not allowed to have cigs as he was able to get two more
bottles of hand sanitizer.Not letting him home seems to just make him
alot worse-staying in shelters and drinking hand sanitizer.His body is
slowly shutting down and it hurts when he says he just wants to come
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I'm really sorry for your situation trailtimes.

You'll find a lot of support here though
There's a lot of people here who really understand what you're going through.

I pray your son will realise now what he's doing to himself, just as I did and many of the others here did.

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Oh, trailtimes, I wish I had the answer for you.
My oldest son is addicted to heroin, after two failed tries at staying with me (making BOTH of us miserable!) I had to put him out. He has been fending for himself, but still doing drugs.
Can you put him in the hospital without his consent, considering he is drinking hand sanitizer? (I know all addicts are slowly killing themselves, but at 20 and drinking hand sanitizer seems way down the road for someone so young.)
I am certainly not judging, my father drank the alcohol he found in his medicine cabinet after he had been told he would most certainly DIE if he drank again.

What do you want to do? Not what he wants...he is brain damaged, but what do you want?
Please keep him in hospital, it must be less stress on you, give it a little time, so your head can clear.

I had to put my daughter in the hospital twice. I have been to rehab myself for alcohol.
Please choose for your life.


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Oh Trailtimes, my heart so goes out to you. Is there some place where you live to talk to someone for guidance on which way to help your son, a hospital, a hotline?

I will be praying for you, for what is impossible for us is not impossible for God.
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I can't imagine what you must be feeling...

...but I know where you can get some help. It may not happen as fast as you like, but please try six Alanon meetings, some different if possible, and I bet you'll find some relief.

There are many, many people who've gone through what you are going through right now, some whose children survived and found recovery, some whose children did not survive, and many of them are at Alanon meetings sharing experience, strength, and hope.

Let me give you a hand: British Columbia Al-Anon & Alateen

Take care,

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Just wanted to say i am so sorry for your pain.
The others above, especially Cyranoak, have great advice. Prayers for you and your son. Take care and keep coming back here for support.
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