Codependent No mas!

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Codependent No mas!

Yes, I live in South Texas, so a little Tex-Mex flair in my language today

I love coming to this site and seeing so many stories of recovery, and even the stories of struggles are helpful to me. Thank you again, dear people, for sharing your lives in a way that really speaks to my heart. It keeps me motivated to stay on the path of my own recovery.

Which is going to remain important for my lifetime. My recovery.

I say this because I have had the great privilege of having my parents come visit me this week (and probably all month) as they travel to warmer weather for the winter. My parents (My mother, Queen Codie, and her husband, my stepfather) have been married for 20 years. That's longer than she was married to my bio-AF. My stepfather is a normie, and I actually call him "Dad".

Before I say the next thing, I need to say this: I'm glad they're here, and I love them with all my heart!

My mother, Queen Codie, as she ages, seems to be getting worse in her codependency. She follows my stepdad around, "What's wrong?!" "What are you doing?" and all things must be under her permission and control.

It's been a real reminder to me that I MUST continue with the steps for a lifetime. I'm committed to health and sanity for the rest of my natural life.

Thanks for letting me get this out there.
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