Good for the ego news~

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Good for the ego news~

I am by no means looking for a new job after having been through job search insanity last spring/summer/this fall.

But last night at 9 pm I get a message from the Principal of a local charter school saying my name has been mentioned to her and she is interested in talking to me if I have any interest in considering teaching middle school History next year.

This comes literally 2 days after I was saying to a friend that I am grateful to have a job BUT my first love is middle school History and I miss teaching it (I searched hard for a position but didn't find one and instead am doing special ed which I enjoy but am not in love with).

So, who knows what will come of it but it was a definite higher power moment kind of thing. She asked me to send my resume and said she'd be in touch about getting together to talk soon.

So, I'm off to work on that right now. This also comes during a week when my boss has been screaming at everyone left and right (she is disorganized and waits til the 11th hour to meet deadlines and freaks on everyone bc she is stressed). So I am feeling particularly motivated to impress a potential job suitor right now!
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Good luck, I hope everything turns out like you want it to.
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You know what's nice, I am content either way. It's nice to feel there may be options but I don't feel desperate to make changes. If it's meant to be it will be. In the meantime it feels nice to be thought of well in the professional circle I'm in. And I am genuinely interested in this school (it's a charter school with a strong focus on literacy and my daughter is on their wait list). Oh and it's about 2 min from my house which would make for a great commute! On the other hand, I really enjoy my 45 min of kid free car time each morning on my way to work, so I will be okay whatever happens... Last year at this time I was pretty sure my job was being cut (and then it was) and I had no prospects or options and was still doing the dance with AH. This year feels so so so much better, bc it is!
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Good luck!!!
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Wow, do I see your recovery shining so bright, I think I need sunglasses!!!

I've found, since I've been in recovery, that when things come up and I'm not DYING to get them...okay, either way, that's when I get the "HP/God (mine) shots".

The great thing is, you're going to be just fine, either way!

Hugs and prayers,

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Good for you! I teach middle school and know the stress! It must feel wonderful that someone has sought you out for a position. This is just one career where we do not get that recognition! good for you! And even better, no pressure. It will work out either way.
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That was wonderful, the synchronicity! Good for you WTBH! you definitely "sound" in a much better place emotionally and for that I am grateful and proud. Thanks for sharing your success with us!!
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Good luck to you WTBH!!! God knows you've earned this.
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Thank you for teaching "our" children... It's a noble profession and all teachers deserve more gratitude and bigger paychecks! Good Luck!
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Ooooh, that's exciting!
It's also nice to have options and choices when you're already starting from a good place.

Best of luck to you!
And yes, that is exciting - I am glad you're getting the attention/compliments you deserve for this - hooray!
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