Prosecuting on Abuse and Tort

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Prosecuting on Abuse and Tort

So, the statute of limitations on battery is 1 year. For strangulation, which is a felony, 3 years. I have an eye-witness to the strangulation, a doctor. Someone very credible whom I do not know personally, but know through a friend. It hasn't even been a year since the last DV incident, so I can get him on felony AND misdemeanor. I have had so many people who witnessed the abuse offer to help by making a statement.

I've been sitting here plotting revenge and didn't even realize it was right there under my nose the whole time! And the right kind, the kind that won't get me sued or landed in jail. LoL.

I can also file a civil tort suit against him. Has anyone done this? So happy! I finally feel like the fog has lifted and things will be set right!

Abusive XABF has had a new girlfriend for a couple of months now. This woman has a young daughter from what I understand. He just moved right onto the next victim. She of course eats up all of the bs he feeds her. Maybe this prosecution will spare this poor child too. Who knows?

SR seriously kept me alive through this. I can't even tell you how much you all have helped!

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You should press charges. Your local DV shelter can help you navigate those waters AND give you counseling.

Be careful.
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I never have filed anything against XAH. By the time I realized that what he was doing was abuse and r-, I'd been gone too long, no proof, just my word against his.

As for the next woman... XAH's GF has two young boys. XAH was not above using sly warnings about DS as a threat to get me to 'behave', I can only imagine what he'd do to 2 boys who aren't his. And he'd always tell me he'd never hit a woman. Well, DS and those 2 boys aren't women. But, she was at our divorce hearing and heard XAH admit to some of the sh-t he pulled. She has some warning of what he's like, it's not my fault if she doesn't believe. She's kicked him out 2 times already, but she's 'too smart and strong to fall for that.'

Sending hugs and wishing you continued strength.
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theuncertainty, I think we are twins!

Ya, I am doing this because I know these men are scam artists and every convincing lie that oozes from their foul mouths is just one more tool to capture and eventually control their victim.

He had me fooled for SO long. He is very good at what he does. Now that I look at it, it makes sense that he wasn't successful in any other areas of his life for so long. Keeping up this kind of act, perfecting it, takes a lot of time and energy. It's certainly his greatest talent and the one that has kept him alive and able to continue getting away with being a sociopath for so long.

Justice time!!!!! I just hope I can put him behind bars where he belongs.
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