Humor: Bio of an Alcoholic...

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Humor: Bio of an Alcoholic...

I found this on someone's blog who is an A. I wish I would have kept the link but here it is:

An Alcoholic Biography.

I was born.

I was irritated that things were not the way I thought they should be.

So I did whatever I wanted to do.

But it's not my fault.


And that pretty much brings us up to today.

The End.

Your friend,
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I would so love to share this with my ABF, but he would get even more

It's so true. Thanks for the chuckle.
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Sadly, addiction doesn't have to be part of the equation for someone to have this attitude.....
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What would be a codie's bio?

I was born.

I realized I didn't like the way things were so I set out to fix it. All of it.

When it isn't fixed, it is all my fault.


And that pretty much brings us up to today.

The End.

Any other stabs at this? We HAVE to have our own, don't we??!!!
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Alkie Bio:

I was born.

None of you understand.

I had my first drink.

I was born.

I don't care if you understand.

I don't understand.

I had my last drink.

I was born.

I understand.

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Oh that codie one hits close to home....and made me snort. Hey I resemble that poem.

Thanks to MLK and Tuffgirl.
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I was born.

None of you understand.

And that brings us up to today.

That is my bio! lol
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