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This website is somewhat hard to read, but there others on the web.

My point is this: With alcoholism the brain takes many changes
and it is a proven fact in the medical field

and WE still ask ourselves the same silly questions:

1> Why cant they act normal
2> Why do they do that
3> Why Why Why

For me, understanding this in medical terms and seeing pictures
of the differences in the brains, takes alot of pressures off of myself
and understanding, why my xah does what he does....


When my xah was in rehab, they showed the families real videos
and pictures of the brain in medical terms of alcoholism
Sometimes I forget that and have to go back and read it again...

It really helps, take away my WHY'S.......
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Interesting read, BobbyJ. Thanks for sharing.

The why's are the hardest, especially when it just doesn't make sense.
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Ahh but there is something else you best not forget.

When and A gets SOBER and STAYS SOBER, over time we build NEW PATHWAYS to replace the ones that were fried by the alcohol.

I have my brain scans to prove it. There are areas of my brain that in most people are active and in mine are dead, dead, dead. There are other areas of my brain, that in most people are not really used and in my brain are very very active.

With recovery we can BUILD new pathways in the brain and live a full and productive live, being kind thoughtful and considerate to all who cross our paths.

HOWEVER, it does NOT happen overnight. It is not a QUICK fix. It is an ongoing changing process for the rest of one's life.

Alcohol and/or drugs DESTROY brain cells by the thousands and ten thousands. That is NOT an excuse, it just is. Now the A has to WANT to change their life. I do believe the phrase:

"sick and tired of being sick and tired"

really describes the A's bottom.

There is hope.

That being said, watch from a distance.

Love and hugs.
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Your are so correct Laurie, I couldnt agree more
Your recovery is one, that I only hoped for in mine

And THANK GOD, there are people like you that do make the change & choice
to stop drinking.
It is people like you that share recovery stories, that inspire me and helps
keep my heart compassionate.

I just meet with a dear friend of mine this weekend, who has been sober for 25 years.
I explained to him, how his recovery, actually helps me. It's a motivator!!!
And helps me, with my recovery...

In medical terms, it helps me understand, why my xah, thinks the way he does
when he is NOT sober...

Thanks Again Laurie for sharing your recovery...It helps me WAY more than you will
ever know...
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Isn't that the part that handles decision making and behavior control and purpose? The part that isn't really fully developed until you're in your 30s?
(Clearly, the part that handles memory is out of commission in my brain...)

That would explain why a 45-year-old who's been an actively drinking alcoholic since his teens doesn't make good decisions. Hmm.
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Oh, yeah, baby. I only drank heavily for about 8-10 years. It was a good two-plus years before I felt my mental faculties were ALMOST back to what they were before. And I had a couple years of daily drinking in college before I straightened up for a few years. Heck, if I'd never drunk at all, who knows what I might have accomplished in my life?

I believe I am still slightly sub-par (for me) and that may never change. But boy howdy I'm glad I stopped when I did!
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