Stress and Recovery

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I've been sitting around the house regressing over the holiday, and I actually laughed out loud at myself yesterday when I thought "What Would Cyrano Say?"

Your brutal honesty, about yourself and about other people, is extremely helpful to me.

Thank you.
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Sounds like very tough times, but I have to say, also, that a fake mute button is not the end of the world. And she is burning you down for it, which is what they do, and sometimes I feel like alanon should be called the just avoid landmines by being as super human emotionally as possible club...

My RAH can be maddening, bipolar or something like that...He tries to push so that I push back, then punishes me with threats or silence for my "bad behavior"
Its a roller coaster of unaccountability and entitlement.

All we can do is take care of our side of the street, and it sounds like that is what you are doing. Some days I feel like our issues are no different than a non recovery couple...And that selfishness and entitlement come up in all relationships. Its just that RAHs skills are ematiated, or stunted. He goes for the jugular over the trash not going out. I get triggered, he attacks my actual personality over it, and I lash back at him, while he sits back and admonishes my "behavior".

Its a shame.

You are doing OK. At least you have a sense of accountability!
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