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OT- just amusing

I started my new job last week. LOVE my colleagues, the students, the commute is longer than I'd like but it gives me time to talk to my best friend on the phone each morning driving to work and all in all it's great (except the pay! lol!).

I'm in one of the states that was hit really hard by the crazy end of Oct winter storm a few days ago and after being at work for only one week, have now had the past 2 days off and school is closed again tomorrow...

Clearly the reasons for the days off aren't funny in the least-- power needs to be restored to tens of thousands still, but I think it's almost comical that after months of unemployment and being eager to start work, now that I HAVE started, I am back to sitting at home, not working!

I am not complaining though-- nice to have paid days off! And I am one of the lucky few who do have power so I am having a little vacation of sorts!
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Time to organize those Christmas lists?

Happy Day(s) Off!! Stay warm and safe!
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I LOVE snow days! But...we rarely get them here...whats a few feet of snow to Alaskans?

Enjoy - maybe its your HP's way of easing you into the new position! So excited to hear more...
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The amt of snow isn't usually the problem-- we are fairly accustomed to winter lasting at least half the year here! This time around we got screwed bc leaves were still on trees, the snow was heavy and wet and a lot of it fell and power lines got tangled in downed trees. The city I work is still has no power to any of the schools so I am guessing I may be out all week. I really ought to be getting a lot of stuff done during this time but I've been lounging around and being lazy! Tomorrow will be productive day!
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Lazy days are AWESOME! I can't say we have ANY snow days here in sunny San Diego! :P It was 70-80 all week. I think we may have had a day of rain somewhere in the last couple of weeks. Can't remember.

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LOL no snow days here in FL either! But we do get called off school for hurricane days. Obviously necessary but I hate making them up at the end of the year. Enjoy your mini vaca, wanttobe
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