Self Sabotage?

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Self Sabotage?

My AS twice was going to check into a Rehab center this week that is the best opportunity he has to turn himself around and he somehow managed to screw up his intake twice, so a simple thing such as showing up at the appointed time has become a big drama. The first time was on Thursday. He said the intake coordinator had told him to show up at 10:30 so he went and apparently the intake time is 10:00. He claims she gave him the wrong time. I have accepted lately the fact that he lies a lot so I am not sure. So here we go again on Friday. He shows up on time but had taken a Kolonopin that morning. He has it prescribed for anxiety but not approved for the Rehab Center. So, during intake, they tell him that he is going to have to submit to a urinalysis. He didn't see a problem because he had only taken his prescribed meds, one being Kolonopin. He told them that he had taken one that morning so he was not allowed to enter the center again. He has one more shot on Weds. He says he really wants to go to help him get on his feet but this has become a mission. His sister has already kicked him out of her house so if he doesn't get in, he may find himself on the street. Is this deliberate self sabotage?
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Actions speak louder than words.

Obviously he has not reached his bottom yet.

Doesn't sound like he is ready to commit.

Sending warm thoughts your way.
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Thank you, Marie. Although there is more than one Rehab center he could check into, this one is the only one that I am aware of that after his 28 days of inpatient, he lives 6 more months in a halfway house, which would be ideal. If he doesn't do it right on Weds, he can't apply there again for 6 months. Living at his sister's is no longer an option and due to a DUI he got after moving, he can't leave the area. I hate the idea of him having to be homeless, and I hope it doesn't have to get to that point, but maybe it does.
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Wheninrains, In my experience, I have never heard of a reputable rehab refusing anyone for taking prescribed medication. Were you with your Son that day he was not admitted and know this to be the truth? Medication prescribed by a Dr. for anxiety has no bearing on treatment for alcohol addiction. I would look into that. While I was in rehab, many of the "clients" were on meds and it was handed out to them every morning by a staff member.
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The Klonopin issue is very complex. Some rehabs absolute forbid any use of anxiety type benzo drugs. If he has taken it every day for a long period he is going to have a hard time while in rehab. Prescribed or not many addiction counclers view Klonopin type drugs as evil.
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Gerry, he also takes Paxil and that one is ok. It's because Klonopin is a controlled substance and this Rehab is for both alcohol and drugs. He is going back to the doctor's tomorrow to replace Klonopin with something non-narcotic. The doctor has already spoken to the Rehab center. His sister was with him, by the way, so he didn't make that up. He is out of state so I am not there to take him. But - as I understand it, he should be going there of his own free will and not because his mom is dragging him. It is tempting, though!
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