oh the lies...

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oh the lies...

I will never understand the blatant, ridiculous lies that stbxah tells. He of course recently has sworn he wasn't drinking (not that that really matters at this point), but I am sick of hearing how he isn't drinking, hasn't or 4 if I would know or not. However, this morning a mutual friend mentioned that she saw him at a bar on Sat, drinking of course. I think mentioned that she had mentioned seeinghim over the weekend and him giving her the money for daycare (she watches our children), of course he said he saw her at Kroger...which I knew was a lie....he knew I knew, he KEPT LYING...and kept lying......and kepy lying and finally never really admitted anything but came up with some major bologna excuse about how lonely he is. kidding, you are alone because you are so awful. Anyway, today just reminded how easily he lies, and how easily he justifies it....I don't think I could ever lie like that!! ever!! Sheer craziness!
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Originally Posted by FreeingMyself View Post
Sheer craziness!
Craziness is right! Crazy crazy crazy! Hang in there. And probably best to just not even ask things like that anymore.
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I'm no angel!
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Crazy is right! What gets me is that they really think we believe them, Duh!
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Originally Posted by dollydo View Post
Crazy is right! What gets me is that they really think we believe them, Duh!
The sad part is that many of us do. At least I did.
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I remember once my ex went out to watch a baseball game. He came home 3 hours after the game was over. I asked him why he was so late. He told me the game went into extra innings. I watched the same game on TV. There were no extra innings.

He told me that I watched a different game than he did.

Quack, quack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it is craziness listening to them
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I once read that alcoholics don't lie because they have to, but just so they can keep in practice....
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