Totally OT for dog lovers...

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OMG, she is adorable!!! I can only tell you of my friend's experience with her pit had this box she was brought home and she LOVED that box...for a while.

When she got a little bigger (not much bigger than ((Lola)) ), my friend told me she left him in the laundry room of their apt. I'd already told her of ((Anvil's)) dog experience, and told her that wasn't such a good idea.

The puppy destroyed the box, as well as the linoleum floor of the apt., scratch marks on the door, etc. I had to laugh when she screamed "remember that damned box he loved? it's in a million, gazillion, trazillion little bitty pieces with the floor!!!"

Good luck with the teenagers..I think dogs are probably easier

Hugs and prayers,

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Yah, I use the wee pads too, sometimes his feet are on the pad, yet his wee, wee is not! I am an awesome sprayer, stinks more than the wee, wee does!
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We made it last night 4 hours in the to my bed, and I moved the other dog beds next to the crate, even though I usually don't have the dogs in my room with me at night. They thought it was something special! Luckily, little pup was too tired to complain much, and I had worked with her earlier in the evening coaxing her into the crate with treats and letting her run in and out. However, at the 2am run outside...she wouldn't get back in that crate again, not even for treats, and curled up with the big dogs on the dog bed. I was too tired to fight her. I figured 4 hours was a good start for the first time.

Now - get to spend the day with her at my office. Wish me colleagues may hate me by the end of the day! ; )

Thanks everyone for your advice...keep it coming! I appreciate it very much!
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Virtual Pet Behaviorist

Oh, shoot. I can't post links- not enough posts.

Google ASPCA Virtual Pet Behaviorist- there are tons of articles that you can access by telling it about your pet.
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Thanks again everyone. Today went well, although I think someone sent a puppy alert to the whole darn building because I had streams of strangers at my door wanting to see the puppy all day long. Was getting a bit irritated by the end if the day! Lola is absolutely crashed out - long walk after an hour of play time with as tennis ball. I recognize now this is what my evenings are going to look like for many months!

Isn't it nice to talk about something other than our A's and dysfunctional relationships? It's fun to watch this little pup go with the flow...she seems so unfazed by everything as long as there's food and water around and someone to cuddle with. I think she'll end up teaching me some life lessons in the process of dog training her.
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