Called cps...i feel horrible now

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I see it this way - not only did your protect the children but you also gave that Mom the opportunity to take a look at her disease and possibly she could make the decision to start on a path to recovery ~

What a healthy dignified choice you made!

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Just recently an EX friend of mine made local news...Im groggy so I wont type the whole story but it ends with she was on drugs,everyone knew,living in motel with her 2 yr old daughter and registered sex died 2 weeks ago because NOONE bothered to report her or follow did the right thing.Ill post the links.
2 Year Old Addison Lanham Dead, Mom and Her Boyfriend Arrested

Grandparents of Addison Lanham, 2, speak out about her death | bridges, addison, mother - Gaston Gazette
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Police hit mother, sex-offender boyfriend with new charge | police, charged, make - Gaston Gazette
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I saw this from the other side - a female friend of my AW called CPS to report that AW was picking our son up from school while intoxicated. I was concerned about this being the situation but since I didn't have the "proof", I didn't confront AW about it at the time (5 years ago). The friend absolutely did the right thing, I'm very glad she had the courage to do something I obviously wasn't quite ready to tackle.

On the positive side, this forced AW at the time to understand that she needed help, and she agreed to go to a month-long inpatient rehab. Unfortunately that did not have the wished for result as she drank again soon after coming home. She also not surprisingly has cut off all contact with the woman who was her best friend and harbors a deep resentment - but so what.

Anyway my point is that you absolutely did the right thing, and I congratulate you on your courage in doing so. As others pointed out, you very well might have saved a life.

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Um...and lets not forget that you aren't the bad guy and you didn't do anything wrong.

Drinking AND driving is a CHOICE. Going to drink...don't drive your kids around. It's that simple. Going to drink and drive, and you get's her own fault. She knew better before getting behind that wheel!!

I have no sympathy for DUI's.
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