The Beav and Eddie..

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The Beav and Eddie..

This is simply an update to anyone who is wondering.

The Beav is right back where he was about 2 years ago...before his girlfriend's death, before 2 rehabs and before prison. He is party boy all over again.

He stopped in on Thanksgiving to get his things. This is the third time he has walked out and left me to pack his stuff up. This time I didn't wash the cloths...and yes he was surprised when he asked me if I had and I said no. He wanted sheets...I suggested Walmart. He wanted a blanket...I suggested Walmart.

Oh and Eddie? His buddy who he is living with is riding shotgun on this party. Beav mentioned he drove Eddies car into a stuff right??

Beavette is but a memory...oh and something to cry about when he is drunk.

In many many ways this turn makes my life so much easier. At least he isn't trying to manipulate us. I don't have to pick through the lies. For the first time I can say with all honesty I am on the outside looking in. I hope this little hurrah is worth it for him...for as long as it lasts.

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I know you're in a better place right now and you sound like you've truly let go and let God.

But I'm so sorry things didn't turn out differently, for you, for him, and for the Beavette.

Love and hugs,
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I really admire your recovery. It's amazing
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I'm sorry he's back to his old ways again. It sounds like you've done a good bit of detaching, but I know there is still probably some hurt involved. I will say a prayer for him, and you, and the innocent Beavette.
Hugs to you pal.
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JT and Beavette.

Hugs to all of you..
Jt, you are really awesome. I know how much pain and work has gone into the changes you've made...the choices you made and the love you still have for Beav..

Take care love and prayers coming your way...
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(((( JT )))) !

((((( JT ))))) !!

(((((( JT )))))) !!!
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This was a great reminder that you've done all you can and there is nothing more you can do. I need reminders like that sometimes.
It makes me feel better about my choices.

The Beavette is so fortunate to have all of you. I know he won't go without lots and lots of love.

Give him a hug for me

and huge hugs for you. (and Ward)

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I used to work here ;)
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My heart hurts for you. At least here we can share the pain and it makes it more bearable. I admire you and all you have accomplished.

Hugs, Jo
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******{Hugs}}}} JT---I'm sorry the first 2 years haven't been enough for him. I'm glad you are in a place where you can watch the drama and then be able to leave the theatre, so to speak. Much better than having a staring role.
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Sorry to hear it, but you sound strong in your recovery. Sometimes we just have to roll with the punches. They will do what they will do and there's no sense in trying to figure it out.

Wishing you continued strength.

hugs and prayers,

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Thanks guys!

I wouldn't be here without all of you! I just try to stay open learn from what is given to me.

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JT Thinking of you. .sometimes "they" make it easier for us to detach. . by being such s--ts
Hugs and blessings to you Mo
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Hi Mo!!!
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Darn! And I was really hoping for a happy ending for once. Home for the Holidays and all that stuff. Thats some pretty intense stuff to happen in 2 years. Youd think it would snap him out of it. Some people just dont like to be concious. (sigh)

Well the heck with him. CHRISTMAS is coming. And I just know youre gonna be too busy spreading good cheer to worry about his sorry butt.
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Hi Smoke!!! and JT . .Everyone. .

Well JT. .I am right here with you. To all that read my posting on asking for prayers. We brought daughter home to Pennsylvania last week-end because she wanted to turn herself in. to the police . .there is a warrant for her arrest. . She has spent the past week sick. .resting on our couch eating oodles of noodles. (some things never change). ..

Well tonight she "went to a meeting" that was hours ago. . and I think she took off again. Have that very sick feeling in my stomach. .

She was to turn herself in tomorrow. Will I ever learn??

It is so sad because she is so thin and has several abcesses that were just starting to heal. I am really controlling the urge to go find her. .

Pray. .pray . .pray. .

Please pray for her. .and for me. . Mo
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We still know the drill, and we still hate the army.

I'm sorry things haven't worked out better, but I have a feeling that there isn't much fun left in any of this for him (just like my son0 and I just have one of those funny feelings that he is a lot closer to recovery than any of us may think.

Just keep praying and God will do the rest.

Hugs to you, Ward and big hugs for Beavette from Auntie Ann.
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Big big hugs from me as well,
And I have to agree with Ann on this one...

Sometimes we have to stop imagining where they "should be" at, and what they "could be" doing. We have to stop conjuring up expectations and instead, turn those expectations into prayers of hope.
Our A's can only play the same games for so long before there are no payoffs for them, and it simply becomes no fun anymore.

Keep working your own recovery and path, and pray for the knowledge to know how best to take care of YOU.

You sound amazingly strong and healthy JT - an inspiration to ALL of us .

Take care
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