I love to smoke!

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I love to smoke!

I took a long road trip this weekend
I packed a few items, along with a bag of your post & sayings

I looked hot, felt good and was excited to get away by myself

Rolled down the windows, cranked up the music

Light a smoke, drank a coke

Sang a song outloud and light another smoke

Tried years ago to quit smoking for my kids & family, who love me!!
Tried years ago to quit smoking for the bitchy doctors
Tried years ago to quit to save some money
Tried and tried and tried

But the truth is...I love to smoke!

Truth is...I can only quit for me!!

So DUH....Why would I think he could quit drinking for me!

~ Got me some SERENITY today ~
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I'm an addict and my DOC is nicotine. I've quit several times but the only times I did it for others, was when I was pregnant then breastfeeding. I'm currently weaning myself down again.

I've learned so much about myself - including body and brain - because of my daughter. I'm an alcohol abuser, too, because I purposely get drunk a few times a year. 2-4 times, I guess. Otherwise I rarely drink and stop at will when I do. Still, I choose to get drunk when I do, so I share that in common with A's. I recently said no more binge drinking for me, because there's a fine line out there I don't want to cross and I don't know where it is.

I've learned I'm dopamine deficient; I wouldn't abuse or be dependent on substances if I wasn't (includes caffeine, too). I do know what it feels like to be in balance naturally. I've been there every time I quit smoking and that's where I'm ready to be again. I don't binge drink when I'm not smoking because one thing always leads to another.

I also learned obsession is addict behavior. I learned addiction is addiction and every time I point a finger, three are pointing back at me. This is one heck of a journey
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