Kudos to the desk clerk

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Kudos to the desk clerk

AW has gone on a binge after 3 months of sobriety. Had to send my daughter and her boyfrien on a 12 hour road trip to go drive her home. Before I got home she took off in the car. I just recieved a call from the local police and my first thought was that they buster her for dwi. Nope she had checked herself into a local motel. The desk clerk called the police and they are taking her car keys and booze away. So kudos to the desk clerk for a job well done. I am going to go pick up the car and leave her there. She can walk to her mothers when she sobers up.

The divorce can't come soon enough for me. Then she can do whatever she wants.
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Isn't it nice when the community steps up instead of ignoring the obvious? I see more and more of that each day and it makes me glad to see people taking personal responsibility for public safety. Thanks for sharing. Good luck to you!
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Good to hear! There are times when I wish that the people who work at the liquor stores or SOMEBODY would call the police when my AH shows up there. The most I've heard is from a local business owner whom I have gotten to know a bit, who informed me that AH had been in his store (it's right next to the liquor store) recently and had a bit of an accident on the floor. He just mopped it up and watched AH drive away. Thankfully, after our little chat and his realizing that this isn't an abnormal thing, he has agreed to keep an eye out for potentially dangerous driving situations. I hope and pray he thinks of extending that to ANYONE who turns up in his store intoxicated and then drives away.
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Wow! Laws must be different here.

Here you can't sell liquor in a bar setting or at a liquor store to anyone who is impaired. The store/bar and their employee are liable.
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It's almost a sad cliche. An alcoholic checking into a seedy low rent motel to hit the bottle. When an alcoholic gets to this point he/she is in serious trouble.
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