Pep Talk?

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Pep Talk?

I guess I am in need of a little pep talk from some of you lovely people, because I think I know the answer to my question but could use some reinforcement. I know that my situation is not really very drastic or immediate compared to what many here are going through, but I find comfort in reading the counsel that's posted here by people who do understand.

I found out that my RA friend/long-time coworker has finished his outpatient rehab and recently met with boss and teammate about his future with the company. Teammate kindly let me know that my friend looked pretty good and they will let him come back to work soon, but on a part-time basis so that he can continue to focus on his recovery. I guess he'll work from home and only on one project that he was the absolute best at. So that's good news all round. However, that also means I won't see him for a while longer, and since he still hasn't contacted me directly, I still feel disconnected. I was thinking about sending him a short note of support, but even though he is done with rehab, he is only about 6 weeks into his recovery. From all I have learned here on SR, I know this is very early days for him, and that he may not be ready to respond to me yet. I think sending him a note is really all about making ME feel better , so should I just continue to let him be for a while? I am still working on that patience thing.
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Thanks, that's the sort of thing I need to keep hearing, especially the part about him not being able to validate anything that I am feeling. I have to keep remembering that.

and yeah, maybe he's more like my office spouse than just a friend? It's a small company and we've both been here longer than anyone else except for the owners, so we've toughed it out together for many years. Who else can I complain to about the boss now?
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6 weeks isn't long at all. Let him come to you.

He is still putting the pieces back together.
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Thanks, Babyblue. I know you are right. Hearing about that meeting is what motivated me to think about contacting him. I had an email composed in my head, but instead of typing it up, I came here and posted.
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