July 8 in The Little Blue Book ONE DAY at a TIME in AL-ANON:

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July 8 in The Little Blue Book ONE DAY at a TIME in AL-ANON:

Hi Friends and Families! - Got my ODAT's mixed up. Today's was actually yesterday's, and yesterday's was actually today's. This is actually July 7th's ODAT but I'm dating it today. Since I believe this is probably a Divine Intervention...!!! who knows at this time why the dates got mixed in my head

July 8 in The Little Blue Book ONE DAY at a TIME in AL-ANON:

What’s so important about being right? Why do we complicate our lives and aggravate our difficulties by insisting our views be accepted?

In the tensions that are part of living with an alcoholic, this attitude can make much trouble for us. What harm would it do to “back down” – to accept what the alcoholic says, whether it makes sense or not? Why don’t I just Let Go and Let God?

I will try to apply “Easy Does It” to every incident that might increase the tension and cause an explosion. I will try to realize that an exchange of hostile words will not help me to find the serenity I want.


Why should I react to criticism and accusation, justified or not? What can I gain by heated denials and irrational discussions? In a neurotic environment, anything can start a row. I need not take part in it; I will ignore it – cheerfully if I can. This is an excellent technique for avoiding dissention. Our calm unconcern may make the alcoholic uneasy enough to make him think seriously about finding sobriety.

“To withdraw from an argument may not make you the winner, but what you have saved is your own dignity and grace.”
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