Ripple Effects

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Ripple Effects

Why is it when I decide to cut someone/many people out of my life because THEY are treating ME badly....they harass me whenever they see me? I've recently removed myself from a fairly large group of people that I use to associate with. Most of these people knew my XABF as well, we were all mutual friends...girls and guys. The relationships were just all really unhealthy and I just grew up and changed and didn't want to be apart of that group anymore.

I find myself avoiding certain places now where I know these people will be, but sometimes I still want to go out and do things and I eventually run into someone. But they can never leave well enough alone...I know this seems like a petty problem compared to the problems that the rest of you are going through, but I seriously cannot believe the ripple effects of breaking up with an Alcoholic....people are still mad at me and they are mad I left the group! And they verbalize it whenever they see me....why do I always feel like I have to back down to them (maybe bc its 50 against 1) and leave if I see them or if I don't they make it so uncomfortable for me if I stay??? I have been staying strong and detaching from their negativity but it really gets hard at times bc I'm young and I still want to have somewhat of a social life. It almost feels like a witchhunt sometimes. Is this my life now....Do any of you feel like the ripple effects from your A never seem to end??

Thanks I needed to vent!
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Very much understand what you are saying. Feeling the same way here. Recently, I too have removed myself from a similiar situation. Have been sitting on the porch alone for close to a month now. Seems it is easier to stay home than go out and have to answer other people's stupid, insensitive questions.

I am starting to think outside of the box, experiencing things I never thought I would be interested in. So far nothing too exciting, but glad that I took the time to investigate.

It's just too much for me to join the girls down at the wine bar right now. Don't feel much like being in that crowd. Guess I am trapped between not wanting to be a hypocrite, and not wanting to be in the very enviroment that has brought so much sadness and confusion to my life.

Guess we are in the same boat on this. Keep in touch, it's nice to know that we are not alone.
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