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Sex Addicts often try to control their behavior by creating external barriers to it. For example, some move to a new neighborhood or city, hoping that a new environment removed from old affairs will help. Some think marriage will keep them from acting out. An exposer may buy a car in which it's difficult to act out while driving.

Others seeking control over their behavior try to immerse themselves in religion, only to find out that while religious compulsion may soothe their shame, it does not end their acting out.


Been there done that. How could I not see? How could i not see? How could I not see?

How could I not see?
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I like that.

First thing that popped into my head was
that this is what happens when eyes are open-
we start SEEING things!

Not everyone knows they're going through life
with their eyes closed.
Not everyone HAS their eyes closed
they just have these giant blind spots.

SOME ... some aren't even 'awake'
they're waking sleepwalkers
merely going through the motions
of being alive and involved in life.

Others choose to stay asleep
because they're afraid
that a dream is close as they'll ever get.
They'd rather pretend
something is in fact something else
rather than make it true.

What a miraculous thing awareness is.
What a marvelous power within us all.
It really is 'an inside job'.

Thanks for sharing that with me!
(UH. Us, I mean.)
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I don't think stuff like that is necessarily common sense. When it's pointed out, we have that "Ah-HAH!" and suddenly it makes sense.

Don't beat yourself up about not realizing it at the time. We all do better when we know better.
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PF, I agree, don't beat yourself up over that. We are all in that boat with you. None of us are here because of our great insights into our behavior especially with As. What I have found for myself is that I had to learn a whole new way of thinking before I could begin to manage and understand my codie behavior and begin to heal.

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