well seems like A is back next door

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well seems like A is back next door

please help

i got awoken at 6.15 am by his friend who was knocking on my door 'by mistake' and have now been hearing the neighbor A with his foghorn voice through the walls.

worse thing is people say you get addicted to the drama don't you.

if anyone thinks there is not enough detail to go on thats fine but a the details are not something i want to post on line and b i feel so annoyed that i am again affected by this A. I feel vulnerable that this has been a situation for 3/4 months now and something i have sought help for before.

The A now next door was 'supposed' to be evicted about 4 weeks ago. I feel desperately outnumbered [there are 3 people next door].
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Can you go and stay with someone else for a awhile?
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If you feel afraid for your safety, or they're being a public nuisance (noise, fighting etc - you'd know the bylaws there better than me) don't mess around mate - phone the police.

If it's not a police matter, I don't know what else to advise.

Whether or not its a police matter, maybe looking for somewhere else to stay, temporarily or permanently, needs to be a priority for you?

This has gone on long enough.

You can keep in contact with those you want to if you move, yeah?

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If they are not doing anything illegal, your only choices are to put up with it or to move. Since this situation has been an ongoing source of distress for you, it's probably time to consider finding a new place to live.
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i got a stick it out d

i see it more as a case of me being codependent.
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No Kevin it is NOT being co-dependent when a neighbor continues to disrupt your peace, serenity and sleep.

If the landlord will not do anything about it, then it is time for your own well being to start looking for another place to live.

Heck I am 66 with some health issues, and I own my own little plot, HOWEVER, I have a neighbor that lives katty-corner behind me, that anytime he is working in the back yard on one of his vehicles he has the music up so loud that you can hear the BOOM BOOM BOOM 3 blocks away. Oh and every Saturday night they have a party.

Well thankfully we do have a 'noise ordinance' in the county, and I have been told by both the city police and county sheriff's that I do not have to wait until after 11pm to call. If it is disturbing me (especially if I am trying to nap as I do not sleep well anyway) that I should feel free to call, because if I can hear it inside my home than they are above the decibel level of the ordinance.

Slowly after several $200.00 tickets they seem to be getting the idea.

Now yes, there is alcohol involved some of the time, but that is not the problem, it is the NOISE.

I believe it is the NOISE at all hours of the day and night for you also Kevin. You have the right to complain to the landlord, you are a paying tenant.

I am sorry that this has started again, but hopefully you can find a solution.

Sending good thoughts and prayers across the ocean.

Love and hugs,
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In my city, there are actions we can take when a neighbor disrupts our lives. Suggest you check the local rent laws and your lease. At least send a letter to the landlord about the situation. To back up your case, call the police to issue a complaint. And, keep a copy of the report. Your real problem is with the landlord.
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Disturbing the peace is what it's called here. The cops can citation for it or even haul individuals down to the pokey for it, or both. I would call the police, no doubt.
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I guess I see your point. After 3 to 4 months of this, if you have made the decision to stay and do nothing but suffer the wake up calls and disturbances, you no longer fit the role victim but instead become a participant, and yes I'd agree that it's a codependent thing to do. Does that mean because it's a codie trait that you must continue it until it breaks you down even further? Seriously, no.

Take this crap or take some kind of action. The choice remains yours. If moving is not a viable option by contract or cost, just putting a sign on your door directing all 'nimrods' to the right door is a step forward.

Nothing changes if nothing changes, and how you see yourself (victim or self advocate) may need to change to bring you peace.

I come from a long line of bad landlord situations so I at least know where you are coming from. I will say it at least gave me motivation to keep looking for something better. Now I own my own bungalow and have a much healthier outlook on how to deal with those who try to disrupt my nest.

Wishing you peace and quiet!

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