Trying so hard not to

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Trying so hard not to

I'm trying SOOOO hard not to email him back right now. I just got told i have the "7 year itch" and that's why i left him, and that he did nothing wrong, it's all my fault i broke up the family, and i'm not getting anything else from him. I want to write back SO badly, but i've tried so many times and he is so far in denial he can't even see through it. Just needed some quick support to not hit send on the email reply.

Thanks guys
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Don't send it!!!

Think how you will feel when you do send it.

Send it to youself or a friend if you must but not to him.

Get up and go scrub the bathroom until this passes Or do something to get your mind on something else then you will think 'phew, glad I didn't send that'.
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You can do this, you know that nothing will be accomplished by responding.

If you need to just delete his email, or just turn the thing off.

To me, not responding is the right thing to do!
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Just like they have to learn what 'they' have to learn

'we' have to learn what 'we' have to as well.

And the thing for today is

"I am no longer a part of this."
"This is no longer a part of my life."
"This is what I decided not to live again."
"I choose to give my livingness to something else instead"
"You no longer have a say regarding what I feel or do"

whatever feels the best to say....

(just giving samples of things I've told myself - not projecting)

You've done the right thing
you came here instead
you talked about it here

and that's how it's done.

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I was terrible at controlling my responses to the A until I did. Once I controlled my responding and only had to deal with him on occassion I learned that nothing had changed. His responses were predictable and I couldn't win an argument. I only ended up frustrated when I tried. I learned that I could relax and not respond. In time, my mind stopped spinning out all the things I want him to "get" and figured out I was better off letting go. Keep working on it.!
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Don't waste your time! Every time I communicate with the A in my life it just leads to a heap of pain, anxiety, and regret. They cannot be reasoned with. They will not "get it" from our prodding. Stay strong!!!
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