AH totaled our ONLY car

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Unhappy AH totaled our ONLY car

I am so frustrated, scared, MAD right now. My AH was gone for several hours yesterday. He was apparently on his way home when he got into an accident. I spoke to a police officer by phone at the scene and was told my AH took a left turn into oncoming traffic and was hit on the rear bumper. He was turning to get on the highway. Witnesses said he gunned it trying to make the turn after his light had already turned red. He overcorrected, ended up losing control and flipped the car at least three times. My AH called me from the scene begging me not to leave him, insisting he didn't do anything wrong. He said he was coming home, he said he was going to the hospital...he wasn't making any sense at all.

Thank GOD the two women in the other car are OK. My AH was taken to the hospital. I was told by the ER doc he seemed fine. And the ER doc wasn't convinced AH had been drinking, even though the police officer I spoke to said he looked/acted like he had. The police officer I spoke with was handling traffic not AH so wasnt sure if he'd been given a breathalizer. My AH sent me several texts last night saying he has a broken arm/ribs/nose, stitches, a concussion... Later he sent me a message saying he is having trouble breathing and might need surgery.

Since he totaled our ONLY car I haven't been able to get to the hospital to see him or speak to the doctors.

I feel badly that I'm not more concerned about my AH. He's where he needs to be. I am not a doctor/nurse and cannot help him. I'm upset that he wrecked our only car, and that if he was drinking he will likely get by without any legal issues. He should get a DWI. He could have killed someone. He could have killed himself. I have been trying to put things in place so that I can leave him. Now this.

I am so frustrated I don't even know how to finish this post! I don't have regular internet access (every now and then I can pick up an unsecured signal). When I saw the internet was working today SR was the first site I went to. Thanks for letting me vent. The internet keeps dropping so I dont even know if this will post, but I feel better just typing this out and reading some of the other posts.
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Oh no. Dang this has got to be hard, but you will get through it. You can call the hospital and speak to the nurse on his floor. They will need his permission to speak to you, but once he gives it you should know exactly what is going on.
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I'm so sorry this has happened. I don't know if he was drinking or not. The way he was acting could be from concussion, but it's obvious he is trying to manipulate you with all the texting. Whether he has all those injuries or not, he'll be okay. He's in a hospital, so that's the best place for him. As you said, you can't fix him, so worrying about it won't help. If he gets a DWI, that will be his problem, not yours.

Now, the car. Do you have rental reimbursement on your insurance policy? If you do, you can rent a car for the next week or so. If not, you'll have to find another way to get around. Does anyone have an extra car you could borrow for a while, until the insurance company pays out?
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