got a job!!!

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got a job!!!

woohoo! not a teaching job, but it will do until Fall or longer if I need it. It is a social worker job, case management. It will give me something to do besides feel sorry for myself, and I will be able to start looking for an apartment or little house without dipping into what little savings I have!!!

WHen exabf called last night, ranting again about how much his life sucks, I told him that he is living the life he chose, and that I needed him to leave me alone until he decides to get and stay sober. He sent 5 texts and called 4 times today. He still says he is going to the non-12 step rehab place in atlanta. Still can hear the alcohol in his voice.

I had the strangest desire to call him when I was offered my job. I wanted to tell him, I wanted to share my good news with him. I held off. I am the one who asked for no contact. I guess I need to remind myself.
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What excellent news for you, Well Done, Really really well done.

It is so good to hear positive news..

I understand the knee jerk reaction in wanting to call him, I guess its kinda a hard habit to break... Still you have had a blinding day, wallow in it and enjoy it!

Very best of luck..

Be Well
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barb dwyer (05-25-2011)
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Congratulations, of course you thought to call and share your news. In my opinion, very good that you did not.

When I left my abf, over 1 year ago, it was really hard. I went no contact, he called, he texted, I did not reply. I made a life for myself, found a great little place to live, saw friends, read a lot, watched old movies, healed.

He did finally get sober, he's doing well. I see him now.

I set a boundary, and I stuck to it, and I am going to continue to stick to it.
Stay strong, good things will continue to happen for you.

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Way to go X10.
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Congratulations!! Yea!
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same planet...different world
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Congratulations on the new job! Here's to new beginnings!
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Today is a New Day
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Yay yay yay!
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Ya!!!! You come share your good news here all you want....wannna know the benefit of not calling to tell him?

He won't know to ask you for money after you start LOL!

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Congratulations on that leap....into a new job.

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StarCat (05-26-2011)
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yay for you! What a boost for your self-confidence!:
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Curled up in a good book...
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Thats great news...well done
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A work in progress
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