First Al-Anon Meeting..

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First Al-Anon Meeting..

So i went to my first Al-Anon meeting on monday night! Started to cry a little before i walked in the door. Of course everyone there knew i was a newcomer, and i couldn't even say my name without crying. But overall it was a good experience and i was suprised it went by so fast, i was not ready for it to be over. also just finished reading CoDependent No More, which helps so much.

There have been a few things that have happend since Saturday with xabf, that have really put me in a downward little spiral. i LOVE LOVE my son and i dont know what i do without him, but darn it!, i sitll have to see and talk to xabf twice a week! How am i supposed to grow and move on when i have to see him? So with these little.......annoying hurtful things that have come about since Saturday, i have really really been talking to God, and myself and trying to live the slogans, and have faith. And NOT do what i would normally do ( which obviously doesnt work). Just really step back and think if "i freak out, is that going to help anything? NO it wont"

Well today is the day axbf brings my baby home, and i have to make the choice to not react, but i need help from my HP, so on the way to work i was talking with God, and repeating the Serenity Prayer, and the slogans, and telling myself to keep my mouth shut, and to please help me. So i get out of my truck, and start walking across the parking lot, and i look up and see a HUGE flock of birds flying in this beautiful, what looked like a smile , right above me!, i knew right then God had heard me, he had my back. sounds silly but to me it was just what i needed to get through this day, that if i did my part, God would do his. Thanks for listening.
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Al-Anon has been a lifesaver for me.
It's a place where I can go to practice being myself, safe from criticism and judgment, before I feel comfortable being the real me in the rest of the world.
It is a place where I find empathy, validation, and support for whatever difficulties I am working on surviving.

It's a room of friends, my family-by-choice.

I am glad you went.
In my experience, it's difficult and brave to go to the first one.
It's also extremely easy to keep going back.
I love my meeting.
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congrats on going...that is the hard part
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Congrats, glad it was a good meeting.

Keep comin' back, it really WORKS!
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Yes, keep going back. It works.
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So happy you recognized the sign. I feel like my HP keeps giving me signs that I am being well cared for and that I will be ok. And the more you believe-the more signs you will see.
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Sometimes the things we think are so silly are very profound to others. Your post reminds me to open my eyes easily I forget to look outside my own woes and remember my HP has my back. Thanks. I needed that today.
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