I love Al-Anon!!!

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I love Al-Anon!!!

I just got back from a meeting and it's a-mazing how it can turn your day around to sit in a room with a bunch of other people and y'all listen to someone talk and y'all crack up at the same time at something someone says -- and then you realize that normal people wouldn't find it funny or laughable or understand why we laugh... but it's such a relief to be able to sit down and laugh at it all -- yourself, your attitudes, your attempts at fixing things, your thinking that seems so rational when you're in the middle of it but's so stinkin' when you take a step back...

OR you cry because someone else cries and you recognize their story. Or you want to go in recognition of someone else's way too familiar frustration.

This is the first time in my life that I've been part of a group where I really feel like I totally belong. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, but it feels great!
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One of the good things that came out of my six-week codie rehab was I FINALLY got back in the Alanon saddle!! I had gone for eight years in the 90s... then when AH was in recovery I stopped; when he relapsed, for some stupid reason I resisted going back--one lame reason was that my home group had disbanded. I think if they were still around I would have gone back a lot sooner, but that's a bad excuse.

Six years later..... I am finally a regular Alanon attendee. I started weekly meetings when I was away, and when I came back, I went immediately to two meetings the first week, and I'm just going as often as I can now. Last night, AH came home drunk and I simply got in my car, looked up local meetings on my iPhone and went to a new meeting in a different town. It was great.

So, lillamy--I agree with you! What a great program.
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At my Al-Anon meeting last night, someone mentioned how great it was to go to a meeting and realize "I'm not crazy!" She later added that there's also the possibility that we're all crazy together, but that either way, it's a great feeling.

I love Al-Anon because it's a safe place where I can practice being myself, without worrying what anyone will think of me. Everyone there is in recovery, everyone there is working on becoming better at being themselves and spending less time worrying about other people's opinions.

I am so glad someone pointed me to Al-Anon.
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Just wanted to share that I, too, LOVE AL-ANON!! Yay! I am moving next month and am super sad to be leaving my friends in my home group (which is an hour away from my home), but am super excited that there are two meetings a week in the town I am moving to!

My sponsor told me a couple of weeks ago that "my relationships are NONE of my business". And I am STILL thinking about that one. Pretty mind-blowing for me!
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