Scaredy Squirrel Anyone?

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Scaredy Squirrel Anyone?

Changed my profile pic, not bc I think I am a scaredy squirrel but bc I feel like Scaredy Squirrel in the sense that I decided to risk jumping out of my own personal nut tree to see what would happen and it's turning out to be pretty darned good!!!

See below for my explanation if you are curious, about what the hell I'm talking about! This book is among my D's favorites-- perhaps bc I make a huge scene out of acting out his antics when I read it-- but I digress!

If you have kids, they'll like it... and if you're an adult like me who finds humor in kids books, you'll probably like it too.

Short version: Scaredy squirrel lives in a nut tree. He's afraid of a million different things that he imagines are "out there" (outside the nut tree) and has as many reasons as to why he can't leave as he does fears. He has a routine every day-- always the same. He's happy, but not really. He is fully prepared in the event of an emergency (if any of the fears appear he's prepared-- sardines to fend off the sharks in the stream, a parachute to get away from killer bees though he's never seen one-- and stuff like that). He sits with binoculars and watches for the things he's afraid of everyday. One day he sees a bee and in his frenzy he falls out of the tree, drops the emergency kit and as he freaks out realizes that he's a flying squirrel and he flies (not well, but flies nonetheless) into a bush. He's elated and scared all at once. He doesn't have his emergency kit, he's certain the sharks, germs, killer bees, aliens (I won't give them all away) will get him so he plays dead. After a while he realizes he's alive and nothing bad has happened. He climbs back up in the nut tree. The next day he starts a new routine, even though he's still a bit scared and mixed into his "safe" rote daily routine is a period of "leap into the unknown" each day.

He doesn't get "cured", he doesn't swim in the stream or marry a bee. He's still Scaredy Squirrel but by the end he's Scaredy Squirrel who realizes that even though he's afraid and never quite knows what that days "leap into the unknown" will bring, he's willing to risk it. So each day he leaps into the unknown, then bc he's still a little scared, plays dead for a bit to be safe and heads back home. But for Scaredy Squirrel it's a big step...

There's a whole series of Scaredy Squirrel books by the way... I thought for a long time that being scared and being happy couldn't co-exist and as I've learned over the past few weeks, apparantly they can. Too bad I didn't read into Scaredy Squirrel a little more closely years ago.

The author is Melanie Watt (I think she's Canadian). We have another book called Augustine about a Penguin who isn't afraid to be her own person even when no one else gets her. She's a great author for kids... and for adults! (no I am not her PR person and do not get a commission if you buy her books!)
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Thanks, WTBH. I think I may have to check out those books....for DS.
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