Sort of OT......having withdrawals

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Sort of OT......having withdrawals

So I have been sick the last couple of days, just plain sick. Finally back to work today and I figured, since I have been sick and not smoking anyway, why not just take the opportunity to just kick the habit now? I am already a couple of days into it.

So, I seriously feel like I could use a rehab of sorts! I am sweating, throat and chest feel tight, feel dizzy, nauseas and scatter-brained! Has anyone gone through this and can tell me it gets better?

Also, a little prayer/HP request. Tomorrow is the hearing for child support. Apealing to my friends at SR and my HP for a good outcome and that I can make it through without a cigarette! I already found out, straight from XAH, that he quit his job. Well, really? Why work when he has a new enabler to support him? I shouldn't be surprised really, but just in time for the hearing? Sounds quite purposeful to me.

Anyway, I am sorry if this is all over the map. I think that is another withdrawal symptom!

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Yes I have and yes it does pass but it takes a while - like alcohol nicotine effects the brain and the brain goes into panic mode without its drug. Luckily, not quite as bad as alcohol or other drugs, but still withdrawals.

That said, I went right back to smoking when I moved out in January. Right back - like all it took was one and I was hooked again. Damnit! Once an addict, always an addict, I suppose.

Hang in there - you have a lot of stress going on - and as much as I hate that I am smoking again, I know trying to quit while under acute stress is a bad idea. SO don't be too hard on yourself if you fall off the wagon while you are having to deal with all the yucky stuff in your life right now. We are all only human!

Good luck on the hearing!
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I can't offer any ES&H with the smoking, but I did want to wish you good luck with the hearing!
You deserve the best!

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I had the habit for 22 years. I had a son and kicked it cold turkey for almost 3 years. After several years with an AW, I picked the habit up again.
I personally have a full plate right now and know that as I get things under control, I'll get the tobacco under control again!

Good luck! I know how it is. Just take it easy on yourself.
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After years of trying to quit using patches etc I finally kicked the habit over 8 years ago. I decided that the cigarette wasn't going to be the boss of me! One thing that I think helped me when I was craving a cig was to stop and take several deep breaths and say, in my head, 'you're not the boss of me'. We take lots of deep breaths when smoking and then wonder why we feel so anxious when we stop - deep breathing does help calm me down!

Looking back, I wonder if taking control over smoking was the very first step in me regaining myself from XAH. He's not the boss of me either now!
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Thanks guys, still trying but not succeeding! On a good note, the hearing was this morning. XAH didn't show and the court put in place an order for support of $625/month. The attorney did note though, that based on information received from his employer, that he quit on March 30. REALLY???????? I figured as much, he more or less told me, but told me he just quit on Monday. Just another example of "why tell the truth when a lie is so much more interesting?" ugg. Anyway, he still has this order. I doubt I will ever see any of it, but the order is there. This will seriously infringe on his drinking money, LOL. I was nervous before the hearing and smoked, but quit again 10 minutes ago, LOL.
Thanks for your words of encouragement!
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