Are we bunnies or a ducks - QUACK UP!

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Are we bunnies or a ducks - QUACK UP!


Today I was thinking, we always talk about the A being a

So, if we sit around & continue just to talk about the problem
dont change and get ourselves better....

Arent we just a Quacker too?

Im ready to become a Bunny & hop out of this zoo...

No more being World's Largest Quacker Pants for me...Im Miss Bobby J
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Oh, I totally agree... I had said that in a post the other day... Called my stuff quacking!!
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I totally agree! Although I was lol-ing about the other QUACKERs thread, I have had my eyes opened to some of my past quacks lately.
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Im ready to become a Bunny & hop out of this zoo...


You are an eaglet developing your feathers and wings, getting ready to FLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY and SOAR to freedom.

As I/We get closer to 'freedom from self' that is what it feels like, at least for me it did.

You are exercising those new wings now, and pretty soon you will be up on the edge of the nest, ready to take off and Soar!

Love and hugs,
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