do i have a choice, or am i obliged to go?

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do i have a choice, or am i obliged to go?

Hi i dunno where to post this...

I dunno what the full stoty is but my dad somehow is being cyber bullied. Nothing ment by this, but the person creating all the problems has got mental problems. A looong story, but to cut it short, the person has now threated to take matters into real life and my dad is really worried. My dad is the nicest man ever, and he has done nothing wrong. And im not just saying that, he really hasnt.

He has been sent numerous threating messages and the person has told alot of people who may carryout the threats. I told him the best he could do was make a report to the gaurds so they have it on record, in case anything was to come of the threats. He agreed with this but last night he asked me if i would go down with him.

When my mother was living in the house i would always be involved with the garda station part of things. I know my dad trusts me and always comes to me for support. But this time i just dont know if its my place to be there.

Firstly, i have major social anxiety, so sitting there would be VERY uncomfortable and not sure if i could do it. If i didnt have SA, i would have said yeah, id go with him. I feel obliged to go with him, and if i dont i will feel real guilty. But i dont want to go coz of SA.

Am i obliged to show support, or do i not have to get involved? You opinion will be apprichated. And i know this is sounds petty but it is the SA that makes it really difficult...
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You're NEVER obligated to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Your dad is an adult; he can make his own report to the police.
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Its ok now, told him i wasnt going down and that i couldnt do much for him anyway.

My dad is just so vunurable, that i felt guily for not supporting him. Its okay now, he has just left to go down.

Feel sorry for him tho, these people now know where he lives and the threats have gotten serious......bless him
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