Back for an update, and a RANT, of course!!

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Back for an update, and a RANT, of course!!

First off, I want to thank all you wonderful, kind people for your support as I decided to leave my AH two months ago. Finding this forum was so incredibly helpful when I didn't know what to do. I am so grateful for all of you.

I cannot believe the relief and happiness I feel now that I'm away from the insanity of alcoholism. He claims he has stopped drinking, but I know he hasn't. And it doesn't bother me. It just reaffirms that leaving was exactly the right thing to do. It's his journey.

We've been on good terms, and see each other often (we have a one year old son together). He'll spend time with him when he can, usually a couple hours here and there, and also on the two nights a week that I work. I have a babysitter for the days that I work.

So here's the rant part, and man oh man, am I pissed. Please feel free to add your thoughts on this.

AH's nights with the boy are Sunday and Monday. These aren't overnights, just until I get done around 11 pm. Tonight I was not on the schedule. I expected he would still take our son, so that I could either have an evening to myself, or try to cover for someone else and make some money. He said that when he saw I wasn't on the schedule (we work at the same place. Ridiculous. I know. But always opposite shifts.) he made OTHER PLANS.

My friend went out to dinner tonight, and saw him there, having dinner, with another woman.

He chose a date rather than time with his son, who he rarely sees as it is.

We were going to divorce amicably without getting involved in the court...but now I'm thinking otherwise? I've certainly never been here before. Any thoughts?

Thanks again. You guys rock!
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rant away.

that sucks.

and then
what would we expect from
selfish self centered egomaniacs?
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Oi! That's a toughie and I'm not really qualified to give advice since I have not been in the "other woman" situation. I do want to say that you should go on and get the divorce as you two were going to do in the first place..amicably. No need for court really, unless you feel he will not pay child support or something. Just my opinion of course. It's a real bummer that he chose a date over seeing his son, but that's the selfishness in him (and most, if not all active A's I think). Sad situation..I'm real sorry you are going through this.
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