Detox center and their rules...

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Detox center and their rules...

Well, my mom took me and AH to the detox/rehab center yesterday. AH called and talked to one of the supervisors the day he was supposed to go (but couldn't due to having benzo's in his system) and the supervisor told AH that since he (AH) had only taken 1 valium and it had been 3 days prior, that by coming in the following day at 1pm the benzo's should be out of his system..AH was more than ready and willing. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Anyway, so we get up there. Mom, myself and my brother sit in the waiting area. AH comes out and tells us they did a urine test, standard procedure. Ok, lady comes out, asks AH to come back in the office and a minute later he comes out saying that benzos were still in his system and that the nurse had to call their Dr. Dr. asked about recent hospital visit and told the nurse to call the hospital to get AH's blood work faxed to the rehab facility. We waited nearly 3 hours..finally fax came. The nurse calls the Dr. back and low and friggin behold...the Dr. says "I feel he needs a medical detox at this point." UGGGH.
AH says, "BUT I only had one friggin valium and that was 4 days ago!" The nurse says "Sorry, nothing we can do." She did tell him that since he is uninsured and unemployed that he can go to the local hospital and they will detox him. He called local hospital...and they said NO, we do not do that. So, hopes were up for not only AH, but for myself and my mother as well..only to be slapped back into reality. We get home and AH called every rehab place he could find that does medical detox. One place had to have 3 grand..the other places no less that 2 grand. So, back to square one. He does have a cousin in Missouri who's boyfriends cousin is the director of a rehab facility though, and he texted her for the mans number. She gave him the number and he called the guy. The guy was supposed to call back, but never did. It's a little after 1am so I assume the man isn't going to call..either that or will later, hopefully this morning.
I guess AH has hit his rock bottom, either that or reality set in because he is set on getting sober. He is sick and tired he says. Tired of living in this hell and tired of having to rely on "satan in a can". I could not agree more. I haven't been much of a "codie" lately, so I wonder if thats what did it?? LOL I really haven't a clue what did it, and I don't care. I'm just so ready for his recovery, but I'm also nervous and not wanting to get my hopes up again.
Anyway, I pray that the Rehab center in Missouri will take him tomorrow. It sucks not being insured and sucks even more not having money. Now they have him scared shitless because he "didn't realize" that detoxing at home could be potentially deadly..even after me telling him several times. Guess he needed a professional to tell him, I dunno. No clue what to do. Asking for many many prayers please. Thanks so much!!

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(((japbap))) - sorry things didn't work out like you all wanted, but in all honesty, this is a consequence he has to deal with. I know, I affects you, but try to step back.

I know, on your other thread that he was reaching out to another RA. Perhaps he will be willing to go to meetings, check out Salvation Army (free, or very low cost) or the other option will work out.

THIS is a time when it will become apparent how really bad he wants recovery. I've yet to meet an RA who, when they finally said "this is it...I don't want to live this life any more" that didn't find help, somewhere. It may take some doing, but I will continue to say prayers for all of you.

Hugs and prayers,

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Jeez that is just crazy, considering they often use valium to detox you from alcohol. I hope everything turns out ok.
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Hugs. I hope he gets where he needs to be. We got mine checked in yesterday, after a night of drinking and a morning of acting like a 3 year old. Last night was the best sleeP I have had in weeks. Still lying in bed.
Y daughter came in to snuggle
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The rules exist for very good reasons. This is just another fun part of having your life intertwined with an alcoholic/addict. If there's fault to be levied here, it's not towards the detox center.

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Thanks you all. Found out that in order to go to the one in Missouri, he actually has to live in Missouri..should have known. Trying to figure out what to do...I know it's not my problem, but I worry so much. He has no alcohol today, we have no money. So, he's scared, i'm scared. UGH.
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Cyranoak, I guess my post did come off as a little peeved at the drug detox place. I'm not upset with them, I know they have to have their rules..I'm just confused as usual.
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If you don't have insurance is much more difficult. Budget cuts have resulted in fewer options for rehab/detox in many states. If he chases a rehab as much as he chased booze he will find somewhere eventually though.
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The suggestion that he find an AA meeting is a good one. There are several in your area. He can call the AA hotline he called last night and find out exactly where meetings are held. He doesn't have to just sit and do nothing. If he is serious about living sober, he needs to be proactive. When one plan doesn't work out, go to Plan B. AA is a very good Plan B in this case.
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Thank you guys. He's making some phone calls now. ((((((Hugs)))))))
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nobody but nobody can beat the price of AA.
or the results - if you're sincere.
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My RAHs road to treatment was not easy either, but his resolve was bolstered by having a system to sort of win out over.
He detoxed slowly at home for two weeks, weaning dwon beer to beer, util he was at zero.
Then a room opened up, and he went in.

It is a hard thing, but his resolve is encouraging.
Barb night be onto something though. Maybe a meeting or two while things get straightened out will help him stay focused.
He might even meet someone who had a similar experience/obstacle
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Thanks again you all..very helpful as usual. AA is definitely what he is going to do while waiting on Rehab. Anvil, I thought about that too. It is in fact a possibility that he could have taken more valium since he is an addict as well. He was prescribed the Valium and I keep them locked up (and hidden) so I am the one responsible for divvying them out to him, but of course valium is plentiful on the street as well so who's to say. Thanks again you all. HUGE Hugs to each of you, and God bless!
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If he is prescribed the Valium, that was not the problem with his UA test. People can take their prescribed meds while in rehab.

If it is only they are afraid of DT's/seizures/etc from alcohol withdrawal, please be on the lookout for those symptoms if he is not drinking. They are life threatening and he could die. If you see them call 911 immediately.

In the mean time AA would help.

If he can make it the next four days without a problem, will the original rehab place take him? DO they have a bed? Is there a sobering center in your state that he could stay at?
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Hi Cat, I was actually thinking the same thing..but see that was his last Valium in the bottle and the bottle has no refills on it without his Psychiatrist's consent. Soooo..I don't know. He is too "scared" not to drink because the nurse at the rehab place told him to be aware that it could get dangerous. So he is drinking..I guess trying to pace himself the best he can. He had to borrow money to get it..same ole crap. There is not a sobering place anywhere in our area. He called every hospital around and even asked them at the rehab center about a detox center he could go to with self pay. The closest one is up north about 3 hours and they want about 3 grand..which is impossible. Hopefully he can get in to this other place tomorrow he called about. He keeps gagging while trying to drink..maybe that's because he doesn't eat??? Either that or maybe he truly is sick of it..I'm sure I'll never know one way or another. I'm trying to phase it out sitting here at the PC and cooking dinner. Of course banging my head against the desk has ran through my mind too, but that would hurt so I better not. lol
Oh, and AA....he says he is going so we shall see. We live at the very very southern tip of Illinois and resources are extremely limited unfortunately. Thank you so much for your reply!
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When XABF decided he wanted to try to quit, and he'd had way too much the day before, he'd gag, too. He also had to take mouthwash with his morning inhaler medication, and since we had alcoholic mouthwash in the house, he'd gag on that too.

Good luck with the medical detox/rehab!
I hope it works out, quickly, so he can get the help he's looking for.

It's the consequences of his actions, though - you have no requirement to solve this for him.
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