Do I confront her about it?

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I would break this promise in a flat second. I wouldn't care what she thought of that-- at all.

I'm assuming you and your husband went to college, as did I. There was plenty of drinking and I did some of it. I never did the things you have described her as doing in your posts, and at the very least her behavior is disrespectful of you and your husband.

That said, and I said it before, she's an alcoholic. No ifs, ands, or buts, and you are paying for it. You are helping her be an alcoholic. You pay all her bills so she has a nice place to sleep, gets to travel for spring break, and has food and clothing. Everything she needs to keep drinking. You are her primary enablers.

Alanon will teach you how to make the decisions you are going to need to make. Go often and you will learn. Avoid it and enjoy trying to control your daughter's drinking and behavior.

Sorry to be so blunt, but years of experience, a lot of time in Alanon with parents of alcoholic children, and having read hundreds of posts is informing what I'm saying. I have a good chance of being in your shoes in the not too distant future, and I already have my plan in place for if daughter starts drinking excessively. And, she already knows it. It's a simple plan-- kicking her ass out.

Take care,

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